Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 466

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Chapter 466: Want nothing at all

He did not believe that Chu Shao Yang was good enough to send someone just to send clothes to her.

When Mo Chuan’s eyes fell onto the bag that she was tightly holding, he slowly moved over and reached out to take it.  She tightly grabbed it and dodged his hand.

“Don’t move!”

She did not want to let him see what was in the bag.  What if it was……

She suddenly gave a shiver, not daring to think anymore about it.

Mo Chuan’s heart suddenly felt pain as her dark eyes stared right at her.  Why did she treat this bag like a treasure?  Was it because it was given to her by Chu Shao Yang?

She cared that much about something he sent her?”

“Alright, then tell me, what did Chu Shao Yang send Xiao An Zi to talk to you about?”  Mo Chuan couldn’t contain his anger, asking this in a commanding voice.

She slowly looked up and the expression on her face calmed down.  The tears in her eyes dried and her eyes became dark and shiny, sparkling like water.

She quietly watched him for a bit before saying in a soft voice, “He sent Xiao An Zi to send me a package which contains some of my clothes.  Do you want to see it?”

In front of him, she opened the bag.

Xiao An Zi did not lie, the bag was indeed filled with her clothes.  They were all things that she had worn before with the most obvious ones being the hunting clothes, one green and one light blue.  Other than clothes, there were also simple and elegant jewelry.

She was startled and gently knit her brows.

Why did Chu Shao Yang send these things for her!  He clearly knew that she wouldn’t be lacking in clothes and jewelry in the palace.

She searched around the box and found a small box.  Her heart suddenly began to beat fast and her face unconsciously turned white.

“What is this?”  Mo Chuan took the box.  Seeing her pale, white face, he was filled with doubts.

“I don’t know.  You…..can open it to look.”  She said in a low voice.

She did not have the courage to see a bloody image again.

“It is a peach blossom flower.  This Chu Shao Yang, what is he thinking?”  Mo Chuan revealed a frown.

“Peach blossom?”  Chen Ning eyes went wide as she looked into the box.  It really was a peach blossom placed inside the box, blooming with a pink flower.  The dew on the petals had not even dried yet.

She saw this and let out a sigh of relief.

“Tell me, if he just gave you some clothes, then why would you cry like that?  What are you afraid?”  Mo Chuan stared into her eyes as she spoke in a deep voice.

“I……”  She bit her lips.  She didn’t want to lie to him, but how could she tell him about it?

“I am afraid because when I hear his name, I can’t helping thinking about what happened that day.  I don’t want to see him and I don’t want to hear his name, so I never want to hear about anything related to him and I don’t want to see anyone from his side.”

She suddenly threw the bag onto the ground and the jewels inside scattered over the floor.  She jumped down and forcefully stepped on it a few times.

“I don’t want anything of his, I don’t want anything at all!”

Her face turned completely red, like an angry little beast.

Mo Chuan’s heart suddenly turned soft.  Thinking of her appearance from that day, it filled with pain again.

He reached out and pulled her into his embrace, tightly hugging her.

His chin fell onto her hair.  Her hair was releasing a faint fragrance that was truly enchanting.

“Ning’er, don’t be afraid.  I will always be by your side and you will never see him again.  This one will give the order to take back his palace token.  As long as this one does not summon him in the future, he will never appear in front of you again.”

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