Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: This was a fake emperor

“Using poison against poison?”  Empress Dowager Zhou thought about it and then she slightly looked down at Chen Ning.  This was her first time thinking that her words didn’t seem unreasonable.

But could she really believe this girl’s words and drink the poisonous Spring Jade root water?

If this girl had been lying the whole time, then wouldn’t she lose her life, being poisoned to death?

Empress Dowager Zhou could not make up her mind right now.

“Mother, your son believes everything Ning’er is saying is true!”

A clear spring hitting a rock sound came from the door and a tall yellow figure steadily walked in through the door.

Under the light of the sun, Mo Chuan seemed exceptionally handsome.  With that innate imperial aura, people could not help looking away.

When he appeared, all the maids and eunuchs bowed down.  No one dared to make a sound.

“Your son greets mother, paying my respects to mother.”  Mo Chuan respectfully saluted to Empress Dowager Zhou.

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at him and said with a voice filled with slight sarcasm, “How does the emperor have time to pay your respects to this widow today?  Is the court not busy?  Or is there something in this widow’s Peaceful Life Palace that has attracted the emperor to rush over from the court?”

Mo Chuan looked at Chen Ning and his face couldn’t help turning red as he said, “Mother’s words are correct, your son likes the various flowers in mother’s yard.  I cannot see them anywhere else, so your son has come to pay respects to mother and see the flowers.”

Chen Ning lowered her head and couldn’t help gritting her teeth.

Was this something the emperor should say?  Didn’t he feel disgusted by this!

Empress Dowager Zhou stroked the goosebumps on her arm and she looked at Mo Chuan with a gaze of disbelief.  She was suspecting that this was a fake son and a fake emperor.

Didn’t the emperor treat his words like gold?  What kind of medicine did he eat today?

“Everyone can leave.”  Mo Chuan looked around with a cold gaze.

The maids and eunuchs quickly left.

Su Jin knew that the emperor had something secret to discuss with the Empress Dowager, so she left with everyone else.

In the large yard, there was only Empress Dowager Zhou, Mo Chuan, and Chen Ning left.

“Emperor, what do you mean by this?”  Empress Dowager Zhou sat in the chair as she asked this with a calm expression.

“Mother, your son has heard everything that Ning’er said earlier.  Your son believes that Ning’er was not lying and I hope that mother will also believe Ning’er.”  Mo Chuan looked at Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Why should this widow believe her just because you believe her?  Ning’er, Ning’er, should you be calling her this?  Emperor, remember your own status and remember her status!”  Empress Dowager Zhou bitterly stared at Mo Chuan.

“Mother, don’t be angry.  Speaking of this, didn’t your insomnia begin over a year ago as of today?”  Mo Chuan looked at the Spring Jade in Chen Ning’s hands and then his dark eyes fell into deep thought, “If your son has not remembered wrong, from the day this Spring Jade first bloomed, it has also been a year.  Mother’s insomnia started not long after the Spring Jade began to bloom.  I ask mother to think about it, isn’t this the case?”

Empress Dowager Zhou thought about it and it really seemed to be the case, “It is like this, but perhaps it is all a coincidence.  So why do you keep insisting that this widow has been poisoned by this flower?  There are many people in this widow’s Peaceful Life Palace, so why was no one else poisoned, only this widow!  Emperor, tell me why this is the case?  If you don’t know, then we can just have the Ding Yuan Princess explain this.”

Mo Chuan could not answer her question.

So he and Empress Dowager Zhou both looked at Chen Ning.

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