Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: Being in large trouble

Empress Dowager Zhou had been stuck in bed all year round, but the most serious illness was her insomnia.  She would be unable to sleep for several days, but it was a good thing that King Jing An had finally obtained a medicine for her.  The Empress Dowager was finally able to have a good sleep and she was much more spirited now.

In the entire palace, other than the Emperor and Empress Dowager, only the doctor knew about this.  Moreover, it was kept a secret and would never have been spread.

So there were only a few people in the palace that knew about Empress Dowager Zhou’s insomnia.

“Un, of course I know.”  Chen Ning quietly nodded while looking over that flower.

She suddenly moved forward and forcefully grabbed the flower, pulling out the Spring Jade.

“Princess Consort!”  Su Jin was shocked.  She quickly move forward to stop her, but she was too late.

Her face turned white in fear as her trembling eyes stared at Chen Ning.  This Princess Consort has brought great trouble this time!

“This, this, this…..If the Empress Dowager knew that her favourite flower was pulled out, your head will be chopped off!”  She said with a trembling voice.

She couldn’t help feeling sorry for Chen Ning because after copying the scriptures for an entire, she was finally able to move the Empress Dowager’s heart, but now it seemed like she was in for a giant disaster.

“Aunt Su Jin, I’m the one that pulled out the flower, so it is my disaster and not related to you.  If the Empress Dowager wants to punish someone, she can punish me.  If she wants to chop off someone’s head, she can take my, Chen Ning’s head.”

It was like nothing happened for Chen Ning and she was comforting Su Jin instead.

She looked at the Spring Jade and the long root that it had.  It was a purple colour and released a faint stench.

No one could imagine that with the beautiful fragrance of the Spring Jade’s flower, the root would actually be smelly.

Su Jin was frozen on the spot, not knowing what to do.  There wasn’t just her alone, there were also several other maids looking at them.

Even if she wanted to protect Chen Ning, she still couldn’t do it.

“Ding Yuan Princess, you really are bold!  You ruined this widow’s favourite flower, you think it’ll be solved simply by cutting off your head?”

Empress Dowager Zhou appeared behind them holding her cane, speaking in a sinister voice.

“Empress Dowager, please calm yourself.”  Su Jin was shocked and quickly bowed down.

“Su Jin, stand up.  This is not related to you.  Ding Yuan Princess, you better give this widow an explanation, otherwise this widow…..”

Empress Dowager Zhou did not finish her words, but that sinister voice made Su Jin shiver.

In the palace, there were a hundred methods to make a person die an unbearably painful death.  They were much more terrifying than just cutting off one’s head.

“Empress Dowager, this minister’s concubine asked aunt Su Jin about how you can’t sleep at night.  Since you were sick, this minister’s concubine found the root of the Empress Dowager’s illness which is this Spring Jade.”

Chen Ning calmly bowed down, raising the Spring Jade in her hand, holding it high up.

Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin almost could not believe their ears.

Could this Ding Yuan Princess have gone crazy!

She actually called this flower the culprit?

“He, he, Ding Yuan Princess, you really know how to quibble.  Alright, since you say that this plant is causing this widow’s illness, then explain it clearly for this widow!”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a cold laugh as her eyes turned cold.

Su Jin saw that Empress Dowager Zhou was shaking and she didn’t know whether this was from anger or her illness.  She quickly pulled out a chair and supported Empress Dowager Zhou into it.

Chen Ning first asked, “Empress Dowager, every time you smell the Spring Jade, do you feel your mind clearing and yourself becoming more awake?”

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