Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 405

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Chapter 405: Only this one can touch your hair

She was simply his worst enemy!

Mo Chuan stared at her trying to suppress her laughter and his heart filled with a kind of indescribable feeling.

She could make his blood boil, she could make his heart beat fast, and she could let him know what smiling is like.

All these years, his heart had been as calm as water.  He felt that he could never do anything about it, but that changed after meeting her.

He was no longer walking corpse that could only read reports and govern the politics of this world.

He had turned into a living person!

“Mo Chuan, I have something to ask you.”  Her smile suddenly disappeared and she looked at him with a serious expression.

“Ask.”  He did not like to talk much.  If it wasn’t for her, he would have never talked as much as he did today.

“You…..wouldn’t lie to me, right?”  When she said this, she hesitated and bit her lips, looking from side to side.

“……I won’t.”  He stared right at her.  After knowing her for so long, when had he ever lied to her.

“Alright, then I’ll ask you.  You…..You….”  She was still a little embarrassed.

“Just say it!”  He was angry.  Just what was it that this girl was so hesitant to ask!

“Have you ever been with another woman?”  She was shocked and blurted this out.

She had hesitated this long just to ask this?

Mo Chuan did know whether to laugh or to be angry, but he still seriously answered, “No, I’ve never been with one.”

“But don’t all emperors have royal harems?  There are so many women in the palace, how could you have never been with a woman before?  Also you’re already twenty four years old, you…..you wouldn’t be…..hiding something, right?”

What would he be hiding?

Mo Chuan was stunned, but when he finally realized what she meant, his eyebrows jumped up in anger.

He stared right at her.  In that moment, he really wanted to strangle her!

If he hadn’t seen her suffer such a fright, then he really would not cared if she believed that he had something to hide.

“Don’t be angry, you’re admitting it if you’re angry.  It really doesn’t matter, I remember a few remedies that can help you with it.  Un, when I write them down, then I’ll surely cure your illness.”

He stared right at her as his eyes turned dark.

“If you say another word, then this one will….”  He spat this out word for word from his gritted teeth.

She involuntarily covered her mouth.

This is bad, she seemed to have touched his taboo!

“I won’t say anything, I won’t say a single word.”  She hit her head once in an upset manner, thinking about what was wrong with her today.  She had suddenly blurted this out, it was like she wasn’t thinking at all!

It’s said that woman in love are stupid.  Perhaps……her heart had really been moved by him?

Did she really fall in love with him?

Mo Chuan took two deep breaths before his chest was finally unblocked.

After being emperor for all these years, she was the first woman that could anger him to this extent!

“That’s right, your fake decree cannot be hidden for long.  Once the Empress Dowager finds out, she will fly into a rage.  When the time comes and she orders for my head to be chopped off, I won’t be able to keep my little life.”  Chen Ning quickly changed the subject.

“You can relax, with this one here, no one will be able to touch a single hair on your head!”  He patted her head in a happy and angry manner, grabbing a single strand of hair with his fingers.

“Only this one is allowed to touch your hair.”

Before Chen Ning could say anything, they heard a serious voice coming from outside the door.

“What?  Even this widow can’t touch a single strand of her hair?”

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