Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: Mo Chuan, don’t go

The carriage curtain suddenly opened and an imperial guard came into the cart.  He was tall and straight, but the light behind him hid his face, only revealing a pair of piercing eyes that stared right at her.

“How bold!  Get out now!”  Chen Ning immediately covered her chest as she coldly shouted out.

That imperial guard’s eyes dimmed, but not only did he not go out, he walked over to her while taking off his coat.

She felt her scalp itch.  Had this imperial guard gone mad?

She moved to the corner, but she could not escape.

“You really are bold.  This is the palace and you dare have ideas about me…..Wu!”

That imperial guard suddenly came forward and covered her mouth.

“Ning’er, don’t be afraid.  It’s me.”

That familiar low voice was like trickling water in her ears.

It was like Chen Ning’s acupuncture point had been poked and she couldn’t move.

“Mo Chuan, is it you?”  Her eyes suddenly became warm.

In that moment of despair, she had called for him from the bottom of her heart.  When she was expecting him, he had actually appeared.

“It’s me!”  Mo Chuan saw her embarrassing appearance and his heart hurt.

He took off the imperial guard coat and covered her with it.  He carried her in his embrace and jumped out of the carriage, carrying her as he walked in.

“Bold imperial guard, this is the emperor’s palace, you dare to move by yourself?”

The maid came forward to stop him, but seeing Mo Chuan’s face, she quickly bowed down.

“Please forgive me emperor.”

“Prepare some hot water and some new clothes, go!”  Mo Chuan did not even look over as he carried her into the room, carefully placing her onto the bed.

However Chen Ning would not let go.

“Mo Chuan, don’t go.”

His embrace was very warm and safe.  With him by her side, she would not be afraid even if the sky fell down.

“I won’t go, I will stay by your side to protect you, never letting you be hurt again!”  He grabbed her waist and tightly pulled her into his embrace.  He could feel that her body was slightly trembling and his heart felt pain once again.

What happened to her?  What did that bastard do to her?

Actually, seeing her torn clothes, he could already guess what had happened.

Damn!  That bastard actually dared to force himself on her!

Mo Chuan’s teeth creaked from gritting them as he was filled with a murderous rage.

His eyes focused and was staring at the wound on her neck caused by the golden needle that was covered in shocking blood.

There was also clear fingerprints on her neck that was beginning to swell.

“This one will kill him!”  His heart was filled with a deep pain, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.  I was the one that stabbed myself, so I knew my limits.”  Chen Ning shook her head, not wanting to go back to that terrifying scene.  However, thinking of that wild Chu Shao Yang, her body could not help trembling.

He could feel her trembling and his arms hugged her even tighter.

In Mo Chuan’s embrace, she was no longer afraid.  She felt no fear anymore.

Raising her eyebrows, she looked around the room and asked in a curious voice, “Where is this?  Wasn’t it the Empress Dowager that summoned me?”

“It wasn’t the Empress Dowager, it was this one.  It was this one that faked the Empress Dowager’s orders.”  He stared at her, “If it wasn’t like this, how could he allow you to enter the palace so easily?”

Chen Ning bit her lips, wanting to laugh, but she forced it down.

“You aren’t afraid of the Empress Dowager finding out and punishing you?”

“This one is not afraid!  This one was afraid that the order was given too late and that bastard had hurt you.  I never thought that you really were injured.”  Mo Chuan had a calm expression, but there were deep waves in his eyes.

“So you disguised yourself as an imperial guard to personally come save me?  Were you not afraid that he would recognize you as the emperor?”  Chen Ning was moved and wanted to laugh.

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