Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: Lost in confidence

Her hair was completely scattered, with tears and hair covering her face.  She was hugging her stomach while sitting on the floor, laughing like she was crying.

Everyone in the hall was stunned.  Although everyone hated Chen Bi Yun, they could not deny that her words were logical.

For the intimate things between man and woman, how could it be explained with just words?

Whether the child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach belonged to King Ding Yuan or not, it really was not something that people could guess.

Everyone looked over at the emperor.

The brilliant emperor would be able to solve everything in a fair manner.

Mo Chuan’s brows were also slightly knit, not being able to decide in his mind.

Chu Shao Yang made a vow and Chen Bi Yun was speaking in a firm manner.  Neither of them seemed to be lying, but there truly was a child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach!

“King Ding Yuan Princess!”  He suddenly spoke and looked at Chen Ning, “Out of the two of them, who do you believe?”

Chen Ning was also currently considering this problem.  If she used their microexpressions to determine the truth, Chu Shao Yang was not lying, but Chen Bi Yun’s pain was also heartfelt.

“Ning’er, say you believe me!”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly raised her chin.  He forced them to lock gazes with his burning eyes.

She instinctively raised her hand to slap his hand away.

He still had such a strong self confidence that he lost himself in it!

Why should she just believe him!

“Ning’er!”  His eyes suddenly revealed a look like a wounded beast and he forcefully grabbed her shoulder, “You must believe me!  I, Chu Shao Yang would take credit for what I did, so I will admit to something if I did it.  However, if I didn’t do it, then no one can place this baby on me!”

“Your highness, you can not want me, but you can’t throw away your own flesh and blood!  You promised me that you would make him your successor once he was born.  Other than you, Yun’er has never been with any other men.  Yun’er understands righteousness and shame, Yun’er will never do something that a bad woman would do!”

Chen Bi Yun gave painful cries as she spoke in a heartbroken voice.  Even when the eldest princess that hated her the most saw her, her heart turned soft and she couldn’t help sympathizing with her.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes seemed like they were released flames as he quickly moved over and grabbed Chen Bi Yun’s hair.  His eyes were red as he stared at her.

“Cheap woman, you’re still unwilling to speak the truth!  Do you believe that this king will not take your life now!”

His teeth creaked from him grinding them, as his body released a bloody killing intent.  In that second, he really wanted to kill this lying cheap woman!

Chen Bi Yun’s scalp filled with pain.  She looked up and even though her eyes were filled with tears, she looked straight into his eyes, not revealing any fear of him at all.

“Everything that I said is the truth.  Your highness, Yun’er has always been devoted to you and Yun’er only has you as a man.  If you cannot believe Yun’er, then you can personally kill both mother and son!  Dying at the hands of my beloved man, I, Chen Bi Yun would be completely satisfied!”

“Alright, then this king will help you!”

Chu Shao Yang was filled with anger as his fingers gripped onto Chen Bi Yun’s throat.  He used a lot of force and Chen Bi Yun could not breathe, as her face turned purple.

“King Ding Yuan, how bold!”  Mo Chuan finally could not contain his anger.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were filled with the flames of anger, not hearing him at all.  His hand used more force and Chen Bi Yun’s tongue popped out.  It was clear that she was about to suffocate to death, two lives being lost at once.

The bodyguards wanted to go forward to stop him, but seeing the killing intent on Chu Shao Yang’s face, no one dared to approach!

“Chu Shao Yang, if you kill her, then whether the child in her stomach is yours or not will die with her.  You will jump into a lake that you will never be able to wash off.”  Chen Ning suddenly spoke up.

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