Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: She would not be the emperor’s woman

She gently batted her long lashes before asking, “Why does the emperor not ask the reason?  Why do you allow it so easily?”

“I have no need to ask, but everything you desire will be given to you.”  Mo Chuan took a deep glance at her, “I will go to the banquet first and you can come after you’ve changed clothes.  Before the banquet begins, I will make a decree and allow you to separate from King Ding Yuan.”

He opened the door and walked out.

When Chen Ning looked up, his bright yellow robe had just passed through a grove of trees.

She bit her lips and couldn’t tell what this meant.

The freedom that she wanted, he was about to give it to her with his emperor status, but why did she not feel excited or happy?

Did he allow this separation because of her?  Or was it for himself?

Did he think that after she was free, she could enter the palace and accompany him?

You’re dreaming!

Chen Ning suddenly stomped her feet.  She would never be willing to enter this golden cage like royal palace!

She would never become the emperor’s woman!


“The emperor has arrived!”

With the clear voice of a eunuch, the entire banquet hall instantly became silent.

The ministers and woman talking to each other all suddenly looked over and bowed down towards the golden figure that just entered the banquet hall.

“We greet the emperor.”

The respectful ministers’ voices blended with the charming voices of young girls.

Mo Chuan had his hair bound with a jade crown and was dressed in a brightly coloured robe, but it paled in comparison to his peerless grace.  Just looking from afar was enough to capture the hearts of the young girls.

He walked in the hall like he was taking a stroll.  With that handsome face and cold, proud appearance, no one could look away.

He only slowly raised his hand once he arrived in the dragon throne.

“You may rise.”

His voice was soft, but it was filled with prestige.

Everyone knew that while the emperor was young, he was decisive and resolute.  No one dared to ever look down on this emperor.

When everyone had been seated, there were many ministers that began to sing praises to the emperor and shower good wishes on him.

Those young girls all felt shy as their hearts beat fast, secretly taking peeks at the emperor.

They had come here today with the purpose of entering the palace.  If they could enter the ruler’s eyes, not only would their statuses soar, but with such a handsome face, how could they not be in love!

However, the emperor seemed somewhat absent minded, as that aloof face revealed no emotions at all.  They could only see his bottomless, dark eyes staring at the entrance, not paying any attention to the ministers that came up to flatter him.

The one as distracted as the emperor was Chu Shao Yang.  He was tightly gripping his wine glass, but he did not bring it to his mouth.  Even peeled loquat that Chen Bi Yun placed in front of him were all ignored.

“Why is she still not back?  Didn’t she go to the emperor to ask for the separation decree?  Where is she?  Why did she disappear even though the emperor’s back?”

His mind filled with doubts one after the other.  It was like his butt was on fire and he could no longer sit still.

“Peng!”  He slammed his cup onto the table and wine spilled all over, scaring everyone around him.

The loquat in Chen Bi Yun’s hand fell to the floor and rolled a few times.  Her eyes went wide as she stared at him.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly stood up and waved his sleeve as he walked towards the entrance.

No matter where the girl went, he would find her!

“Your highness, where are you going?”

Chen Bi Yun called out behind him, but he did not hear anything as he walked out like he was flying.

Suddenly, he stopped moving and looked off into the distance.

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