Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: What kind of thing is this

A gentle fragrance filled his nose.  From the moonlight shining in the window, he could clearly see a slender figure lying in the bed.  She was facing the inside of the bed and her long, black hair was sprawled over the pillow, revealing a white neck that was as white as snow.

“Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng.”

In the room that was quiet enough to hear a pin drop, Chu Shao Yang could clearly hear the sound of his beating heart.  It was pounding so fast that he suspected that even the girl lying in bed fast asleep could hear it.

Damn!  He forcefully took in a breath and calmed his beating heart.  Then he stared at the figure lying in bed.

Her breathing was shallow and she was in a deep sleep.

Chu Shao Yang slowly walked closer.

The veils were pulled, hanging from the hooks above.  As long as she turned over, from the faint moonlight that shined in, he could clearly see her face.

He couldn’t help holding his breath.


Chen Ning’s sleep was not stable.

She continued to have dreams and many figures appeared in her dreams.

There was Chu Shao Bai, Mo Chuan, and even Chen Bi Yun!

If she hadn’t been clever and noticed the explosives on the boat, jumping into the lake, she would have been blasted to pieces by the boat.

It seemed like she couldn’t look down on Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen’s determination in having her dead.

She saw herself sinking into the deep lake and saw Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen looking at her from the shore with proud smiles.  Suddenly, a person loudly roared out her name and then jumped from the shore.  The person that jumped into the lake…..was actually Chu Shao Yang!

She saw him take in several mouthful of water, making bubbles like a fish as he slowly sank to the bottom of the lake.

He couldn’t swim!  

Why would he jump in?  Did he want to save her?


She cursed him in her heart.  She wanted to ignore him and dive into the water, but then an image from the past appeared in her mind.

She couldn’t help diving into the lake towards him.

She saw the guards from the shore save him, she saw Chen Bi Yun jumping into his arms, and she saw Miss Chen say something to him.

She did not need to hear to know that the servant and master were blaming everything on her.

But she was not afraid!

If the two of them still dared to provoke her, she would not be merciful!

Her only concern was Chu Shao Yang.  That idiot would definitely believe what Chen Bi Yun told him and he would come cause trouble for her.

Right now Mo Chuan was not by her side and Chu Shao Yang was skilled in martial arts.  If he snuck into her room at night……

Chen Ning suddenly shivered in her dream.

It was like she had seen a pair of dark eyes in front of her, that were like the eyes of the beast.  It was staring right at her, making her feel a prick in her back.


She suddenly awoke from her dream and quickly turned around.  When she turned around, she instantly pulled back the curtain.  She saw only a tall and straight figure standing outside the curtains.

She instantly held her breath and saw the person standing by the window.  The wind was blowing his robe and his hands were together as he stood there without moving.

Chen Ning let out a sigh of relief and patted her chest.

It wasn’t Chu Shao Yang.

If it was Chu Shao Yang, he would have strangled her while she was sleeping.  She would have died without knowing what happened.

“Xiao Bai?”  She tried asking.

Xiao Bai?  What was this thing?

Chu Shao Yang suddenly raised a brow.

Was it a cat?

He did not say anything.

“Xiao Hei?”  Chen Ning bit her lips?

Xiao Hei?  What was this now?

Was it a dog?

Chu Shao Yang continued to remain silent.

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