Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 327

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Chapter 327: The little girl grew up

Chu Shao Yang put down the pen and his hands were pressed against the table.  Looking at the two pictures, he was lost in thought.

If he had to say it, then the beautiful young girl seemed more like what Chen Bi Yun should look like after she grew up.

When he had seen the young girl in the peach blossom tree the first time, that’s why he was shocked and even thought that he had seen an illusion!

The young girl of the past had grown up!

But who was the young girl?

It was like the heavens had placed her right in front of him before she disappeared like the mist.  He did not even have a chance to touch her shadow before she disappeared again.

Moreover, she was gone without a trace.

He had not had the slightest bit of news on that young girl since.

“Xiao An Zi, you really are bold!  Didn’t this king tell you that I don’t want anyone to bother this king?”

Chu Shao Yang’s ear moved  and he heard footsteps approaching from the distance before coldly scolding him.

Xiao An Zi outside the door announced, “Please forgive me your highness, it’s the concubine consort that has come.  She had to see your highness and your servant could not block her.  Please reveal yourself your highness.”


Chu Shao Yang’s feelings were complex, having mixed feelings.  After a moment of hesitation, he said, “Let her in.”

He looked over at the portrait on the table.  He picked up a piece of paper and placed it over the young girl’s image.

If Yun’er saw this, then she might become jealous and new problems might appear.

Chen Bi Yun was carrying a food box as she walked inside with a relaxed manner.  With a gentle breeze, she bowed down to Chu Shao Yang.

Every time she appeared in front of Chu Shao Yang, she would dress herself up.  Today, she was wearing a light purple skirt that was draped onto the floor, making her even more fairy like.

“Your highness, you haven’t seen Yun’er in many days.  Yun’er heard that your highness has been living here without anyone to serve you, so Yun’er was worried about your body.  Yun’er did not want to break the rules, but I have brought a special brewed stew for your highness.  Your highness, please drink this soup and Yun’er will immediately leave.”

Chen Bi Yun had displayed the perfect proportion of care.  Not only did she show off her care for him, she also displayed her knowledge.

When Chu Shao Yang heard this, he felt very satisfied.

He suddenly felt guilt in his heart.  Thinking of how he hadn’t gone to see her in so many days because of him feeling upset, yet she still cared this much about him, it wasn’t right.

“Yun’er, why are you still lowering your head when you see this king?  Do you not want to see this king?”  He pulled Chen Bi Yun up, but he saw that she still lowered her head.  Raising her chin, he was instantly a little surprised.

He saw that usually well groomed lotus face was not wearing any makeup today and looked very pale.  There were tears on the side of her eyes that made his heart hurt.

This kind of moving person, was more delicate and beautiful compared to usual, impacting his heart even stronger.

“Yun’er, why is your face this pale?  Are you feeling uncomfortable?  Xiao An Zi, go and call a doctor!”  He immediately shouted at Xiao An Zi outside the door.

Chen Bi Yun grabbed his hand and shook her head with a forced smile, “Your highness, Yun’er’s body is fine, there’s no need to call a doctor.  Yun’er was just thinking of your highness, so I haven’t had a good rest in a few days.  Seeing your highness safe and sound today, Yun’er will be able to have a good rest tonight.”

She let go of Chu Shao Yang’s hand.  Opening the food box, she placed the box of warm soup right in front of him.

Even if Chu Shao Yang did not have an appetite, he could not reject her good will.  With a faint smile, he drank all of her hand made soup and then placed a gentle kiss on her hand.

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