Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Beyond dispute

Chen Ning looked over at Ye Tian Xuan that did not say anything.  With a faint smile, she said, “Ning’er will be bold and ask the eldest princess a question.  If one day, husband Ye enters the palace asking for a concubine, what will you do?  If he regrets his actions and has a change of heart, would you be willing to forgive him?”

“Of course not!”  The eldest princess blurted out.  She quickly glared at Ye Ting Xuan, “If he dares to get a concubine, then this princess will immediately divorce him!”

Ye Ting Xue’s face turned slightly red and a trace of anger appeared in his brow.

“Ke, ke!”  Chen Ning quickly signaled the eldest princess.

The eldest princess immediately recognized her mistake and quickly added, “Of course, Ting Xuan would not betray me and take a concubine.  This princess is lucky enough to meet someone that would devote himself to this princess.”

Her flattery was well timed.

Chen Ning couldn’t help secretly finding this funny.

Ye Ting Xuan gave a snort and then whispered in the eldest princess’ ear, “Next time you talk without thinking, this husband will also divorce you.”

Only the eldest princess could hear what he said.

These words were very defiant, but not only was the eldest princess not angry, it was like she had just had a taste of honey.  The man she liked should be like this.  He should not obey her every orders because of her eldest princess identity, submitting himself to her.

“Ke, ke!”

She saw the expressions on the eldest princess and Ye Ting Xuan’s face.  It was as sweet as honey, with both of them being happily in love.  She couldn’t help reminding the eldest princess that there was still someone else here.

The eldest princess came to her sense and her manly face revealed a faint blush, which gave her a feminine taste.

“Ning’er, I understand what you mean.  Since you have resolved yourself, this princess will help you accomplish your wish.”

There was still a trace of regret on her face.  Looking at Chu Shao Yang on the bed, she said, “This brat really has no eyes, betraying such a good girl like you!”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were tightly closed, but his brows slightly moved a bit, only he still remained unconscious.

The eldest princess thought about it and then said to Chen Ning, “It isn’t hard for you to enter the palace.  Every year on the tenth of april, the palace will host a flower banquet, inviting all the important ministers and their families into the palace to admire the flowers.  This year, this princess will give an order to Chu Shao Yang to bring you into the palace.  I want to see if this brat dares to disobey.  When you meet the emperor then, accordingly, this princess will put in a few words for you and grant you your wish!”

Chen Ning’s heart was filled with joy as she bowed down and said, “Many thanks to the eldest princess.”

“Don’t thank this princess so early, there’s still a few days left.  I hope you carefully consider this because this is related to your happiness.”  The eldest princess stared at her and a trace of regret filled her eyes.

Chen Ning smiled and changed the topic, “Eldest princess, I wonder, who is the winner of this year’s hunt?  Ning’er wants to know, did I bring back more prey, or did he bring back more prey?”

Chen Ning smiled as she glanced over at Chu Shao Yang.

She wanted to trap him while he still couldn’t talk.  Then he would not be able to complain at all afterwards.

“It’s a good thing you reminded me, this princess almost forgot about this matter.  Let’s go and take a look together.  This princess thinks that you must have won!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

The eldest princess grabbed her hand as she loudly laughed, while walking out of the tent.

Ye Ting Xuan slightly shook his head at Chu Shao Yang.  With a sigh, he also left.

In the tent, the sleeping Chu Shao Yang’s hands slowly formed fists.

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