Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: He is not that heartless

Chu Shao Yang felt shame and embarrassment.

Every time he rode the jade flower horse back into the hunting ground, he would come in high spirited with a lot of prey, winning the praise of everyone.  However, he had been treated as a boar on the back of a horse.

All his face had been lost!

He lowered his head, wishing he could bury himself into the ground.

Chen Ning!  Father hates you!

“Ning’er, why are you returning so late?  What happened to that stinky brat Chu Shao Yang?  Ah, Shao Yang, what happened to him?”

The eldest princess’ white horse separated the crowd and she walked out.

Although she was very angry towards Chu Shao Yang, he was still her blood related nephew.  Seeing Chu Shao Yang not moving on the back of the horse, her heart instantly filled with worry.

“Well, he was bitten by a snake in the forest and was poisoned.  Although I found some mushrooms for him to eat that temporarily suppress the poison, he still cannot move.  Eldest princess, you should quickly find a doctor for him.”  Chen Ning said with a calm face.

She did not tell a single lie, but when Chu Shao Yang heard this, he went wild with rage.

If it wasn’t to save an ugly monster like you, I wouldn’t have been bitten by the snake!

Chu Shao Yang was carried into a tent and the doctor inside quickly took his pulse before taking out a poison dispelling medicine.

He fell fast asleep after taking the medicine.

“Doctor, he should be fine now, right?”  The eldest princess stood beside the bed, looking at him with a worried look.

“Reporting to the eldest princess, his highness’ body is strong.  Although the poison was strong, the princess has already fed his highness with something that has detoxifying qualities, dispelling most of the poison already.  This official give him this medicine and after his highness wakes up, the poison in his system should all be gone.  For the sake of this body, this official recommends that he rests in bed for two days.”

The doctor replied in a respectful manner, not bragging about his own medical skills at all.

“Alright, it’s been hard on you.  Go and have some rest.”  The eldest princess finally fell back down as she sent the doctor away.

When she heard that Chu Shao Yang was fine, she was angry with him once again.  She glared at Chu Shao Yang sleeping on the bed before turning around to hold Chen Ning’s hand.

“Ning’er, it’s lucky that you saved this stinky brat’s life, otherwise he would have gone to King Yama already.  When he wakes up, I will teach him a fierce lesson.  If he doesn’t treat you properly, then this princess will tell my royal brother and make him give up his concubine.  Then we’ll punish him by never being able to marry again, making him recognize you as his only wife!”

Chen Ning was shocked and even her hands were shaking.

The eldest princess’ good intentions, she could not take them.  She did not want to be stuck forever by Chu Shao Yang’s side.

“What, you’re not willing?”  The eldest princess revealed a look of confusion.

“Un, I’m not willing.”  Chen Ning gave a gentle cough and directly said.

“Why?  Do you not want him to be fully dedicated to you?  As long as he divorces that concubine, then you’ll be his legal princess.  Adding in the fact that you saved him, he will definitely be good to you.  This stinky brat isn’t someone without any conscience, he…..”

Chen Ning’s face quickly turned serious and she shook her head, “The eldest princess does not know this, but he is in love with his concubine consort, treating her like the apple of his eyes.  If the emperor truly makes him divorce her, he will be filled with hate towards me, so how would he treat me better?  Moreover, I don’t even like him.”

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