Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: I won’t repay you for what I owe you

Chen Ning looked at him with a suspicious gaze.  She felt like the more she looked at him, the more she couldn’t understand him.

“Like this, you’re saying you’ve decided on leaving him?”

“Leaving him?”  Chen Ning’s lips curled into a lazy smile, “Of course not, I want to divorce him!”

Mo Chuan looked at her determined eyes and his heart filled with a strange warmth.

“Then what if you lose to him?”  He deliberately teased her.

Chen Ning couldn’t help getting angry as she glared at him, “Xiao Hei, if you try to discourage me with your words, then I won’t repay you what I owe you!”

Won’t repay me?

That can’t be allowed!

Mo Chuan’s eyes filled with a trace of a smile and his cold eyes seemed to instantly come to life.

Chen Ning couldn’t look away.  In her heart, she whispered that this person’s smile was like a blooming peach blossom.

“Hey, Xiao Hei, do you know the rules of the hunting contest?”

She was just casually asking, not expecting Mo Chuan to slowly nod at all.

“I do.”

“You really know it?  Aren’t you an assassin?  How do you even know this?”  Chen Ning looked at him with a gaze of doubt.

“As an assassin, I need to know many things, otherwise I wouldn’t know how I even died.  You can just ask about whatever you don’t know.”

“Then tell me, how are they competing of the day of the hunt?”

Chen Ning looked at the green grass on the ground that was like a carpet.  Sitting down on the grass, she held up her chin to look at Mo Chuan.

Her free spirited manner of sitting did not have the slightest bit of reservation that a lady should have.  Mo Chuan was a little stunned, but a faint smile flashed in his eyes before he sat down beside her.

“The contest will be held on the royal hunting ground which has a large area to hunt in.  There will be many large animal released in advanced and once the contest begins, one will have a certain amount of time to shoot as much prey as possible.”  He said it in a very precise manner.  Chen Ning understood as soon as she heard it.

“This contest seems quite fair.  However, with everyone shooting at once, who can tell who’s the one that killed the prey?”  She then asked.

“Everyone’s arrows has their own special mark.  On the final inspection of the prey, whoever has the most marked arrows is the person who wins.”  Mo Chuan paused and then said, “Every time there is royal hunt, King Ding Yuan is always the winner.  He can shoot up to twenty arrows at once and he can hit different targets at the same time.  What he showed you today was not close to his true strength.”

Chen Ning couldn’t help gasping before saying, “Twenty arrows?”

Mo Chuan nodded with a serious expression on his face.

She tilted her head and thought about it, “Then how does your archery skills compare to Chu Shao Yang’s?  Your martial arts are better, so your archery skills should be around the same?”

“Do you want to hear the truth?”  Mo Chuan gently said, “He can’t compare to me in martial arts, but I can’t compare to him in archery.”

“Ai.”  Chen Ning gave a sigh.  She curled her knees and placed her chin on them, silently contemplating.

“It would be best if Xiao Bai can come back in time.”  She suddenly said.

“Even if Chu Shao Bai comes back, he will not be able to do anything.  Eldest Princess An Le will be personally hosting the competition and you must have heard of her prestige before.  She is a very fair person and with her fiery character, no one has ever been able to cheat in front of her and no one has dared to do so.  Even those spoiled brats don’t dare to do so.  So, it’s better if you forget about this idea as soon as possible.”

Mo Chuan coldly stared at her.

Once Chu Shao Bai was mentioned, the tone of his voice changed.

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