Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: Hate filling his bones

“It’s not me, it really isn’t me.  I didn’t know anything, Lan Xiang did not die because of me.”

Her eyes were filled with tears as she continued to call for Lan Xiang.  After calling for Lan Xiang, she called for Chu Shao Yang.

“Your highness, you must believe in Yun’er.  Yun’er did not do anything, I really did not do anything.”

Her face was pale as tears fell down and her body continued to tremble.  She kept shrinking into Chu Shao Yang’s chest like a pitiful little child.

Chu Shao Yang hugged her, while softly patting her back, trying to comfort her.

“Don’t be afraid Yun’er, it isn’t related to you.  This king believes you and will always believe you.  After Lan Xiang’s death, I will send a better and more intimate maid to you.  You can peacefully fall asleep, this king will be here by you, not taking a single step away.”

With his calming voice, Chen Bi Yun eventually calmed down.  After drinking her medicine, she fell into a deep sleep, but her hand was still grabbing his clothes.  Her brows were still slightly knit, but her eyes were clear.

Chu Shao Yang sat by her side, sitting there for half a day, not moving at all.

He did not say anything, just silently staring at the sleeping Chen Bi Yun’s face.  No one knew what he was thinking at all.

There was a group of old maids standing in a circle, but no one dared to disturb his highness or the concubine consort.

All the way until the lamps were lit outside, when Chu Shao Yang’s attendant Xiao An Zi rushed in and whispered a few words into Chu Shao Yang’s ear.

Chu Shao Yang’s expression changed and he suddenly stood up.  This movement was too sudden and it woke up the sleeping Chen Bi Yun.

“Your highness, where are you going?  Do you not want Yun’er anymore?”  She opened her eyes with tears around the edges and new tears were about to flow out.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart turned soft as he sat down again to hold her hand and he whispered, “Yun’er, don’t be worried, how could this king not want you anymore?  There’s something that happened and this king needs to go out to deal with it.”

Chen Bi Yun’s body trembled and then she grabbed his hand.  In a nervous voice, she said, “Your highness, please don’t blame elder sister.  This matter is unrelated to elder sister.  Yun’er believes that elder sister is innocent, she…..she did not do it on purpose.”

Chu Shao Yang knit his brows and said, “How did you know that this king is going to find that cheap woman!”

Chen Bi Yun shrunk back and timidly said, “Your highness would only be this angry when thinking of elder sister.  Did elder sister do something again that made your highness angry?”

“That shameless slut!  After leaving the horse track, she has not come back yet!”  Chu Shao Yang was short of breath from his anger as he blurted this out.

“Elder sister…..she left the palace?”  A flash of light lit up in Chen Bi Yun’s eyes.  She looked out the window and said in a worried voice, “Ya, it’s so dark already.  Being outside the palace this late, wouldn’t it be dangerous for elder sister?  I wonder, is that black clothed bodyguard is protecting her right now?”

These words of hers were like adding oil to the flames.  Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth and the veins on his forehead popped out.

Mo Chuan was like a thorn in his heart.  When he thought of that man, he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

He hated Mo Chuan, but it wasn’t because he had embarrassed him in front of everyone.  From the moment Mo Chuan saved Chen Ning, he was filled to the bones with hate towards Mo Chuan!

Because that man had risked his own life to save Chen Ning.  If he, Chu Shao Yang, wanted that cheap woman to die and someone came up to save him, how could he not be filled with hate?

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