Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: The first hug

Her face slightly looked up with slightly moist eyes and a faint smile.

Chu Shao Bai’s heart began to beat fast and he was so nervous that he almost stopped breathing.

Being so close to him, a few strands of hair had already blown onto his face, sending a faint fragrance into his nose.  He was suddenly filled with courage as he stretched his arms around her.  Feeling that she did not resist his arms, his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He was filled with panic, with his heart jumping out of his chest as he felt her delicate body coming into his chest.  This was his first time hugging his beloved woman and he was so nervous he did not know what to do.

He really want to kiss her slightly flushed gentle cheek, but his hand froze and he could not move at all.  He could only feel his heart wildly beating inside of his chest.

This was so embarrassing!

If she heard his wildly beating heart, then she would know that he had no experience before and would laugh at him!

Chu Shao Bai’s face felt hot and his throat felt dry.  He was feeling very disappointed with himself over his own timidness.  She was clearly in his embrace, but he could not muster up the courage to kiss her face.

His helpless appearance and him being disappointed with himself did not escape Chen Ning’s eyes.  Her smile became bigger and even her eyes filled with a smile.

This kind of Chu Shao Bai, the kind of pure white him without a single trace of dust was…..very cute!

This shy and pure appearance made her heart beat faster.

Perhaps crows weren’t all black in this world.  The men surnamed Chu could also have this kind of pure young man.

Compared to Chu Shao Bai, his third brother was a contender for the best of scum men!

“Ning’er, I……I……”  Chu Shao Bai forced down several mouthfuls of saliva and was finally able to stutter out a few words.  His mouth was dry and his lips were burning, he was close to losing consciousness.

Now he was filled with regret.  Why did he drink that damn pepper soup, turning his lips into two blocks of wood!  Even if he was going to kiss her face now, he would not feel anything.

“What do you want to say?”  She raised her eyes in his embrace.  That long pair of eyelashes were like butterfly wings and her eyes were shining with charm.

“I……I want to……”  He stuttered out, but he had been confused by her bright eyes.  Sometimes even going completely quiet.

Suddenly, something entered his ears.  He could hear anxious footsteps coming from outside and the frantic screams of the maidservants.

“Princess consort!  Princess consort!”

“Young miss, his highness……His highness is here!”


Chu Shao Bai and Chen Ning were stunned at the same time.

“What is he here for now?”  Chen Ning knit her brows, with her intuition telling her this was bad.

“No need to worry.  With me here, I will not let him harm a single hair on your head.”  Chu Shao Bai held her shoulder and confidently said.

“No!  You have to leave now.  You can’t let him see you!”

Chen Ning bit her lips and her eyes steeled.  She put her finger on Chu Shao Bai’s lips and calmly said, “I have vowed in front of everyone that as long as I am the King Ding Yuan’s princess, I will not do anything that would shame my father!  So before I am separated from him, I will not make any promises to you.  Do you understand?”

Chu Shao Bai’s heart filled with a kind of indescribable feeling.  Seeing the look in her eyes, he knew that she would not change her mind.

She was this kind of strong and decisive girl.  This kind of her really captured his heart!

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  1. Hina-sama says:

    No ToT don’t give him false hope you meanie ! He is so cute! Don’t hurt him again 😢

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    He’s too devoted which means he loves an image of her, not the real her. When things don’t live up to his fantasy, he’ll probably fall out of love. Plus he already said he won’t compete with his brother.

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    no real woman would laugh at a man with no experience. do u know how rare that is nowadays? 😕

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