Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Splitting them apart

Chu Shao Bai was not willing to leave, especially after seeing Chen Ning drunk to the point that she wasn’t even conscious anymore.  How could he be assured leaving her in this strange black clothed man’s hands?

“Alright, I want to see how impolite you can be!  Ah pei!  When have you ever been polite to this king!”  Chu Shao Bai finally reacted and spat at Mo Chuan.

He couldn’t help rubbing his cheek.  The slap he received from Mo Chuan last time still stung.

He had never been hit in a fight before.  Other than this reckless black clothed brat, no one had ever dared to hit him.

“Saying it like this, you’re still looking to fight?”  Mo Chuan gave a cold smile.  The tone of his voice was completely filled with anger.

His chin was still a little bruised.  This stinky brat, actually hitting so hard!

“Let’s fight!  Put her down and we’ll go to the side to fight, that way we won’t wake her!”  Chu Shao Bai knit his brows as he spoke in a deep voice.

When he saw Mo Chuan holding her, his heart filled with flames.  Especially when he saw her flushed red drunk cheeks which looked like a blooming crabtree flower, but that flower was blooming in another man’s embrace!

“Even if I fight you while holding her, you still wouldn’t be a match for me!”  Mo Chuan looked at Chen Ning lying in his arms like a little kitten and he suddenly did not want to let go.

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned green.  He took a step forward and grabbed her arm, pulling her into his chest.  At the same time, he stared at Mo Chuan and said word for word, “Let her go now!”

Mo Chuan raised his chin and hugged her even tighter.  He coldly said, “I won’t.”

“Let go!”


“Let go!”


The two of them had wide eyes as they stared at one another, both of them being filled with anger.


A clear sound rang out which was followed by Chen Ning’s pained cry, “Aiyo, it’s so painful!  My arm!”

She felt a pain in her right arm.  It was so painful that tears began to fall out and she was woken up from her drunken sleep.

Opening her eyes, she saw two people standing in front of her.  One black, one white.

She found that she was lying in Mo Chuan’s embrace, while her right hand was being pulled on by Chu Shao Bai.  The two of them were both tugging on her, coming close to pulling her arm out of the joint!

Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai were both stunned.

The two of them were like two chickens fighting with each other.  They were both pulling on her and unconsciously used too much strength, forgetting that the one suffering wasn’t the other side, but rather Chen Ning’s unlucky arm!

The two of them were both filled with shame as they lowered their heads like students that had been caught doing something bad.  Neither of them dared to look at her.

“Hey, hey, hey!  I say, what is happening between you two?  Are you treating my arm as a large carrot?  You’re about to pull it out!  Both of you let go!”

Chen Ning gritted her teeth with pain.  When she saw their guilty appearances, she was filled with anger to the point that she began to curse out loud.

Her anger filled cry made Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai’s hearts skipped a beat and they let go at the same time.

“Aiyo!  My butt!”

Chen Ning fell to the ground and angrily roared out at them.

“Do you two have a grudge against me?  Why do you bully me when I’m drunk, un?  Dropping me on my butt and pulling out my arm, I’m really being bullied by the two of you!”  She held her almost dislocated right arm and sucked in a few painful breaths through her gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry!”  Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai said in unison.

“Sorry my ass!”  Chen Ning angrily cursed at them.

“I didn’t do it on purpose!”  The two of them said in unison again.

Chen Ning couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

God, please send down some lightning to split them up!

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  1. Novelcrazy says:

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            Joking aside, *shrugs* CSB did it to save his family’s face which is a fairly important aspect in most CN novels, even moreso during ancient times. Most webnovels make fun of this as a transition point between old cn tradition and modern day ones, i’d advise looking at the problem from more angles if you think it’s as simple as csb picking one side over the other.

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    Feels like the chapters keep foreshadowing mu chuan as the emperor or something

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