Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Golden sea of flowers

Mo Chuan suddenly raised his head and looked at Chen Ning with a pondering gaze.  Then he casually said, “That Chen Bi Yun, she really is fragrant.”

“That’s right, she’s very fragrant.  I really don’t know what perfume she uses to create such a strong smell.”

Chen Ning slightly knitted her brows.  Thinking of when Chen Bi Yun stood in front of her horse, the strong smell of her perfume had almost made her fall off her horse.

She really did not know how Chu Shao Yang could like such a fragrance.  Perhaps he was just so deeply in love that even if Chen Bi Yun farted, he would think that it smelled good.

“Have you ever heard of Suddenly Laughing?”  Mo Chuan asked.

This name was truly strange.  Chen Ning thought for a bit and remembered that she had seen it in a book before.

“Suddenly Laughing, also known as Yellow Stone Flower.  It is a kind of golden flower that is very beautiful, but it is very poisonous, especially the scale shaped bulbs.  If ordinary people eat its bulbs, their limbs will spasm and their heart will stop.”  She read it like she had memorized it.

Mo Chuan said in a surprised voice, “You’ve seen it before?”

Chen Ning shook her head, “I’ve only seen a picture and a description in a book before.”

“Then have you smelled its fragrance before?”

“No.”  Chen Ning shook her head again.

“Its smell is very bad, disgusting anyone that smells it.  As long as you have smelled it once, you would never forget the smell.”

Mo Chuan’s words surprised Chen Ning.  She had thought that Suddenly Laughing would be very fragrant, just like the perfume on Chen Bi Yun’s body, but she never thought that it would smell bad.

She silently looked at him, waiting for him to continue.  She knew that he would not mention this strange flower for no reason.

Mo Chuan slightly knitted his brows and recalled, “This happened several years ago, but when I was riding on a horse, a disgusting smell sudden came on the breeze.  I did not mind it, but my horse suddenly began to charge forward.  No matter how hard I pulled on the reins, it completely ignored me.  Very quickly, a large golden ocean appeared in front of my eyes.  When I got closer, I found that it was not a golden ocean, but rather a sea of flowers.  The flowers shined as brightly as gold and I had never seen such a beautiful flower before.  So with curiosity filling me at this strange sight, I stopped pulling on the reins and let the horse rush over to the golden sea.  The closer I came, the worse the smell was.  At that point, I realized that the horse had been attracted over by the terrible smell……”

Hearing this, Chen Ning suddenly felt a chill.  From Mo Chuan’s story, she felt a kind of sinister feeling, as if something important had just appeared in her mind.

She heard Mo Chuan continue on to say, “The closer I was to the sea of flowers, the more excited my horse became, charging right at the sea of flowers.  At this moment, I felt a sense of danger in my heart, so I jumped off the horse’s back without even thinking about it, falling on the edge of the sea of flowers.  I fell down onto the hard stone floor, but my horse charged into the sea of flowers.  Hearing a pitiful whiny, my horse suddenly disappeared from the center of the sea of flowers!”

“I silently watched this incredible scene happening in front of me, being stunned with shock as my mind turned blank.  After a while, I realized that the flowers had been growing on the edge of a cliff!  I had escaped, but my horse……had fallen off the edge of the cliff and turned into a meat patty!”

After saying this, his piercing eyes looked at Chen Ning and he slowly said, “So I think that Chen Bi Yun must have applied the perfume of the Suddenly Laughing on herself!”

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