Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: Men’s reactions are all the same

“Who are you?”  How did you sneak into this king’s palace?  Who sent you to assassinate this king?”

Chu Shao Yang just stared at Mo Chuan.  This king of expert was definitely not a guard of his palace and an assassin sent from outside.

His first reaction was that the enemy wanted to kill him!

“Assassinate you?”  Mo Chuan slightly lifted his brows and then asked, “Are you worthy?”

He did not even look at Chu Shao Yang again as he turned to Chen Ning and said, “I’ll send you back.”

Chu Shao Yang almost went mad with rage after being ignored again.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Mo Chuan’s martial arts were unfathomable, he would have rushed out and attacked.

Just like this, the sword in his right hand would not stop shaking and the Spirit Snake Sword looked like a slivering snake.

“Chen Ning, do you still want face at all?  You are this king’s princess and you are actually getting together with another man?  This man should be the man that you brought back to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion last night, right?  This king is telling you, as long as you are this king’s princess, you belong to this king.  If you want to act lovingly with this man, you should stop thinking it right now!  This king will make this matter known to the world, letting everyone know that the Chen Family’s Guo Gong Duke Manor’s young miss Chen Ning is nothing more than a cheap slut!”

Chu Shao Yang watched Mo Chuan and Chen Ning’s slowly disappearing backs as he loudly cursed them.

He was out of breath from his anger, not saying anything else.  The words he said were already enough to scare everyone to the point where their chins fell.

They stood there in a daze looking at his highness, not daring to believe what his highness had just said.

They never thought their noble and aloof highness would curse people like rogues in the marketplace.

Ze, ze, it seemed like all crows were black in this world.  Men all had the same response when being forced to wear a green hat, even their noble highness was still the same.

Chu Shao Yang cursed out as loudly as he could, so Chen Ning and Mo Chuan could clearly hear what he said.


Everyone saw a flower bloom in front of them and then a crisp sound rang out.

Chu Shao Yang held his right cheek, looking at Mo Chuan in front of him in disbelief.  He was about to curse out in anger, but before he could say anything, he had also been slapped on his left cheek.

“Pa!”  This sound was louder than before and it was clear that the slap was even heavier.

Blood began to leak from Chu Shao Yang’s mouth.

He was completely stunned.  The golden crown fixing his hair in place was slapped off and his hair became a mess, giving him a very embarrassing appearance.

Chu Shao Yang did not dare believe that someone had actually hit his face!

He was the respected King Ding Yuan, the blood nephew of the emperor.  In the end, he had actually been slapped twice by this wild man who had came out of nowhere!

It was also in front of all his servants!

Chu Shao Yang’s face began to turn.  Only a small part of it was from the pain, the rest was from the embarrassment he felt.

The chins of all the servants here fell to the ground.

Their highness had been taught a lesson?  This was a matter that could pierce through the heavens!

Chen Bi Yun finally recovered from her daze and began to realize that the situation was bad.  She called Lan Xiang over and ordered her to go back to the palace and call all of the guards over to protect Chu Shao Yang.

Mo Chuan gaze swept over him, but he completely ignored Chu Shao Yang.

“You dare hit this king, you must be tired of living!  You dare to offend this king for that ungrateful woman?  Do you know what the consequences will be?”  Chu Shao Yang’s every word was said through clenched teeth.  His voice was cold and his gaze had turned sinister.

He slowly said, “This king will exterminate your entire family, breaking their corpses into ten thousand pieces!”

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