Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Touching his soft spot

Chen Bi Yun’s face went from being red to white and then white to red, as her eyes filled with aggrieved tears.

Seeing her appearance, Chu Shao Yang’s heart immediately turned soft.  He went forward to hold her hand as he gently said, “Yun’er, this king did not like that ginseng smell, so I……”

Chen Bi Yun recovered herself and then raised her face to give Chu Shao Yang a smile, “It’s all Yun’er’s fault.  I knew that your highness did not like it, but yet I tried to force your highness to have a taste.  Yun’er will not try to do this again in the future, but since your highness must be angry, Yun’er has also personally made some pork buns for your highness.”

From the food box, she took out a little plate of pork buns.  The skins were as thin as onion skins, looking as clear as crystal.  Steam came from it, with a fragrance that enchanted anyone that smelled it.

Even when Chen Ning smelled it, she couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

She never thought that this white lotus would have such good skills.  She wouldn’t be trying to starve her right?  Chen Ning had not eaten breakfast yet, but how could she ask to have a taste?

Pei, pei, pei!  The things that the white lotus made could not be eaten, they were dirty and filled with poison!

Chen Ning gathered herself and looked to the side.

Chu Shao Yang could not endure Chen Bi Yun’s kindness, as well as seeing how beautiful the buns were, he ate one after the other until they were all gone.

“The taste is quite good, it’s been hard on Yun’er.”  He was very satisfied eating this.

Chen Bi Yun’s face turned red as she stroked her belt and said in a low voice, “As long as your highness likes it, then Yun’er is satisfied.”

“Alright, Yun’er should go back and rest.  This king still has things to do.”  Chu Shao Yang rearranged her hair that had been blown aside by the wind as he spoke in a gentle voice.

“Your highness, are you teaching elder sister how to ride a horse?  Yun’er really likes horses and wants to watch for a bit.  Yun’er wants to see your heroic appearance, it must be very handsome.”

Chen Bi Yun looked up at him with a look of anticipation.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart turned soft as he stroked her hair and said, “Alright, but you can’t stand here.  With the strong sun and wind, you should go to a more sheltered place to watch.  Lan Xiang, prepare a place for the concubine consort.”

“Yes, your highness.”  Lan Xiang quickly went off to prepare a seat.

Chen Bi Yun left Chu Shao Yang’s side.  She walked towards Chen Ning with a smile on her face and as she passed, a fragrant wind filled the air.

“Elder sister, little sister wants to watch his highness ride for a while, would elder sister mind?”  She looked up with a gentle face at Chen Ning sitting on the back of the horse above her.

Other than Chen Ning, no one else could see the disgust and hatred flashing in her eyes.

What kind of fragrance was this?  It’s so disgusting!

Chen Ning did not like the thick fragrance coming from her.  She covered her nose and said, “Little sister is so fragrant, such a heavy perfume smell.  Elder sister thought that you were trying to cover up the smell of falling into the dung pit!”

Chen Bi Yun’s face fell.  This cheap woman was truly fierce, even exposing her shortcomings!

She gritted her teeth in anger, but in order to display a gentle appearance in front of Chu Shao Yang, she could only say in an embarrassed manner, “Elder sister truly likes to kid.  Little sister only likes this fragrance and accidentally put on too much.”

“So it was just an accident……Ai, little sister is truly too careless.  Last time you accidentally fell into the dung pit and was covered in a terrible smile.  This accident, it’s a good thing it’s perfume and doesn’t smell that bad.  He, he, he, he, he.”

Chen Ning did not go away from the dung pit and Chen Bi Yun almost spat out blood because of it.  The forced smile on her face did not fall off, but it looked uglier than if she was crying.

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