Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Two man putting on an act

“He, he, you think that I want to become friends with a pervert like you?  I am a dignified man, proudly looking at the sky and standing on the ground.  If you wish to be friends with me, you are simply not suitable!”

Mo Chuan gave a cold laugh.

His mouth was quite poisonous, even being worse than arsenic.

Chu Shao Bai gave an angry laugh.  Turning around, his eyes were shooting out flames as he stared at Mo Chuan.

“All words and no action, ghost Hei, you really can boast!  If you’re really that heroic, then let’s compare notes.  Do you dare go outside and fight with me?  Whoever loses will have to kowtow three times to the other party.  Ghost Hei, do you dare!”

“Ha, ha, do you think I’m afraid of a shameless villain like you?  Let’s fight then.  I’ll fight with you whenever!  You pervert, soon you’ll be kowtowing three times to me.”

Mo Chuan had an arrogant appearance, not putting Chu Shao Bai in his eyes at all.

The two of them had the same kind of pride and their tone was becoming stronger compared to one another.

Chen Ning didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at this.

It’s said that three women would make a play, but she never thought that two men would be able to accomplish the same effect.

Only, how would this fight turn out?

“Alright, let’s go outside and fight!”

“Let’s go!”

The two of them reached a conclusion and were about to fight again.

Chen Ning raised her brows.  Picking up another vase from the shelf, she slammed it into the floor with a “qiang lang”.

Chu Shao Bai and Mo Chuan were stunned.

“Are you two done yet!  How long do you want to keep fighting?  If you can’t talk things out properly today, no one is allowed to leave!”

Chen Ning had a serious expression as she mercilessly shouted at the two of them.

If the were compared in martial arts, with Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai’s martial arts, she would not be able to catch up to them even if she was on a rocket.

It was a good thing that in this world, not only whose fist was stronger was the way to end arguments.

With this one move from Chen Ning, the two of them filled with anger instantly calmed down.

“Alright, on account of Ning’er, I’ll stop arguing with you.”  Chu Shao Bai looked at Mo Chuan and decided to endure his anger.

As long as Chen Ning was not angry, he was fine with anything.

Who would have thought that Mo Chuan would not appreciate this.

“Ning’er?  Ha, ha, you’re quite intimate with how you call her.  King Jian An, shouldn’t you not be calling her Ning’er, but rather third sister in law?”  He gave a cold laugh.

“She is not my third sister in law!  My third brother doesn’t treat her as a wife at all, he never even had a wedding ceremony with her!”  Chu Shao Bai shouted with red eyes.

That third sister in law hurt him like a needle piercing into him.

“Her current status is still your third brother’s legal princess!  If you want to make a move on her, wait until your third brother throws her away!  Otherwise, you are doing something shameless that even animals would not do and losing face for all your ancestors!”  Mo Chuan decided to teach Chu Shao Bai a lesson straight to his face.

Chu Shao Bai was stunned after being insulted and it took him a while to react.  His hands clenched into fists.

“Ghost Hei, you dare insult my ancestors?  Do you know who I am?”  He spoke in a slow voice.

“He, he, pervert, of course I know who you are.  Aren’t you the prestigious King Jing An?  Daring to do something like this, are you not afraid of the entire world looking down on you?  Open your eyes and take a careful look at where this is!  This is the King Ding Yuan Palace and not your King Jing An Palace, the room you’re currently in is your third brother’s legal princess’ room.  If King Ding Yuan was to see his blood related little brother sneaking into his princess’ bedroom in the middle of the night, what do you think he’ll say?”

Mo Chuan asked this rhetoric question in a righteous manner, as if he was throwing it into Chu Shao Bai’s face.

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned red from his words and his eyes seemed like they were about to shoot out flames.  He angrily said, “What does it matter what he thinks!  He hits her, scolds her, and abuses her!  I want to pamper her, spoil her, and love her!  Even if my third brother was here, I would still say the same!  I love his princess.  Even if he treats his princess like grass, I treat her like a treasure!  Even if he doesn’t want his princess, I still want her!  If he was willing to throw her away, I would immediately marry her and make her my princess!”

His words were crisp and clean.

After he finished speaking, the three people in the room were all stunned silent.

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