Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Acting with modesty

“Young miss, but this servant will go back and find the old master.  I believe that as long as the old master knows of the young miss’ matters, he would definitely rush over to help young miss take her revenge!”  Xiao Ru’s eyes lit up.

“Old master?  You mean my father?”  After passing over, Chen Ning had forgotten that this body still had a blood related father who was the country protecting duke, grand general Chen.

Only he had been stationed at the border for many years and had not returned to the capital city for a long time.  But he had a illustrious reputation and a devoted loyalty.  Everyone knew that mentioning grand general Chen resulted in thumbs being raised.

It was because the emperor was very grateful to grand general Chen that he ordered for general Chen beloved daughter Chen Ning, which was her original body to be married to the Ding Yuan King, Chu Shao Yang.

“That’s right, young miss.  If that bastard highness dares to bully you again, this servant will go to the border and find the old master!”  Xiao Ru clenched her fist and promised.

Chen Ning shook her head as she said with a serious expression, “You can’t.  Filing a royal complaint after being bullied is something that a child would do.  Besides, my father has it hard enough guarding the border already, so how could we bother him with this tiny matter?  Also, this is my problem, so I will solve it.”

“But, what if that bastard highness comes and bullies you again with a new method of harming you?  Young miss, you can’t beat him!”  Xiao Ru was so anxious that tears came out of her eyes.

“I can’t beat him, but there will be someone to go against him.  Just keep your eyes open and watch.”  Chen Ning said with confidence.

With an expert bodyguard like Mo Chuan by her side, she was feeling emboldened.  She was anxious for Chu Shao Yang to burst in and cause trouble.

She did not believe that Mo Chuan would lose to Chu Shao Yang!

“That’s right, where is that bastard highness?  Where is he living right now?  Peach Blossom Cove?  Or is it the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion?”

When Chen Ning thought of that hated whip, she really wanted to send a few eggs to him.

The three maids shook their head together and said, “This servant does not know.”

“Alright, you’ve worked hard today.  You can all go and rest up now.”

Chen Ning waved her hand and Chun Tao and Xia He bowed before leaving.

Xiao Ru pulled on her sleeve and said, “Young miss, this servant will keep watch tonight, alright?”

Having been nervous for half a day now, she was not willing to separate from Chen Ning.

Chen Ning saw her swollen as peaches eyes and felt a little pain in her heart as she pinched her cheeks.  Then she said, “Come, I’ll take you to see someone.  He saved me today, so when you see him later, you have to act with modesty.  You cannot make a fuss, do you understand?”

Xiao Ru pursed her lips together, “Young miss, this servant has also acted with modesty.  I have never made a fuss before.”

Chen Ning revealed a smile as she looked at her, “Then remember what you said well.”

She took Xiao Ru’s hand and walked to the room next door.  She did not even knock and the door already opened.

Mo Chuan tall and proud figure appeared.  His eyes was staring at Chen Ning’s face, but he did not say anything.

He had heard everything that the girls had talked about in the other room and he felt very suspicious after hearing it all.

Even if Chen Ning did not come find him, he would have found Chen Ning to ask about everything.

“Money…..Lots of money!  Young miss, it’s young master lots of money!”

Xiao Ru first took in a cold breath before happily shouting out while her eyes sparkled.

“Ke, ke, ke.”  Chen Ning promptly gave a few coughs.

She knew that this girl would act this way once she saw Mo Chuan.  She knew that her reminder would be completely forgotten!

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