Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Husband and wife vows

“First, worship the heaven and earth.  Second, worship one’s parents.  Husband and wife exchange vows!”

In accordance to the ceremonial ritual, the couple dressed in red stood high up in the hall as the exchanged their vows.

The new groom Chu Shao Yang’s cold face bloomed with a smile.  Looking at his bride whose face was covered in a red veil, his eyes filled with emotion to the point tears almost flowed down.

“Ceremony complete!  Let the new couple enter the bridal chambers!”

Very good, I’ve come right on time.

A faint smile appeared on her lips as she stepped forward and entered the wedding hall.

“Wait! If the new couple enter the bridal chamber, then what would an old lady like me do?”

Her voice was very clear as she talked with a joking tone.  But hearing this voice made the smile on Chu Shao Yang’s face turn stiff.

She had unexpectedly appeared at the wedding hall gates and said this kind of ambiguous words.  This sudden intrusion attracted the attention of all the guest.

They saw Chen Ning wearing an exquisite red dress.  Her hair was piled up with a golden crown capping it.  It made her look extraordinary.

Everyone that could see her face, their eyes almost all fell out.

“Who is this girl?  Isn’t she too ugly!”

“Eyebrows like brooms and lips the colour of blood.  That face looks just like a monkey’s butt!”

“How can it be described with just ugly.  It’s ugly to the point of being sad!”

“Being this ugly isn’t her fault, but being this ugly and still coming out to scare people, that is her fault!”

Everyone turned their eyes away.  No one was willing to take a second glance at her.

Xiao Ru was aggrieved and angry.  She couldn’t understand why even though the young miss was clearly very beautiful, she would still make herself look like a hideous monster.  Letting all these people laugh and ridicule her.

Chen Ning narrowed her eyebrows in satisfaction as she slightly smiled.

Very good, this was the reaction that she had wanted.  It was worth spending half the day using makeup to make herself look ugly.

Chu Shao Yang was also shocked by her appearance.  He drew in a cold breath and didn’t even think before loudly shouting, “Where did this hideous monster come from?  Come, take this thing away for the king!”

“I want to see who dares!”  Shen Ning raised her thick black brow.  She humiliated everyone with her temper, stopping the people who were coming forward.

Her eyes swept across the crowd of guests.  Her face had been changed so much that it was impossible to see her original face, but her eyes were still like autumn water, clear and translucent.

Such bright eyes!

Everyone that felt her gaze fall on them, their hearts were all startled.

“Today is the big day of the king’s marriage.  This old lady that has only been married for three days has come to congratulate the king and the bride.  To drink a toast in their honor, is this against the rules?  Why did his highness clearly inquire about everything before asking people to send me out?”

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Chen Ning had a calm and composed demeanor.  She went to the main position and openly sat down.

Right as she finished speaking, everyone began to rise in an uproar.

“It’s young miss Chen!  She’s young miss Chen!”  Someone in the crowd shouted.

“What young miss Chen?  Right now, she is the legal wife of King Ding Yuan!”

“That can’t be right.  The newly wed bride is her sister.  She’s the one that just became the concubine!”

“Wasn’t it said that the young miss was sick to the point that she was about to die?  How did she come back to life?”

“Hei, it seem like that story was truly an excuse.  Right as second miss Chen gets married, young miss Chen comes back to life!”

“Aiya, fuck.  This young miss Chen has such a noble heritage, but she is truly too ugly.  How could the handsome and wise King Ding Yuan bear to be with her?”

“It should be that he couldn’t bear it anymore so he quickly married second miss Chen.  Who doesn’t know that second miss Chen is the number one beauty in the capital.”

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