Dual Sword Liberator Volume 1 Chapter 3-1

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Chapter 3: Crimson Blood (Part 1)

Even though defeating a B rank Exceed is considered to be practically impossible, after a bitter struggle, I was finally able to beat the upperclassman, Kito . As expected, humanity really can do anything if they would only put their mind to it!

Although, I secretly let Yuki help me in the middle of it, so I can’t say that I beat him all by myself.

As always, after I recalled the entire battle, I canceled ,removing the copy of the school’s debris, and I laid down next to my senior.

Maybe it was the relieved sigh after winning; but in a flash, the injuries I obtained in the battle made it so I didn’t have the strength stand anymore. Thinking about it now, even even I’m surprised that I was able to move at all.

I laid motionlessly on the field. Having been watching from the sidelines the whole time, Yuki ran over, leaning down to look at my face.

“Ryu, you look ok, but——it would be weird if you actually are! There’s blood all over your face!”

Yuki’s slender eyebrows furrowed her eyebrows as she worriedly inspected the extent of my injuries. To say something unrelated, because our positions were very bad,I occasionally glimpsed a part of the cute fabric under her miniskirt.

Oh~ Yuki, you’re wearing white today.

——No, I can’t, I can’t. Right now my whole body aches. It’s not the time to get turned on.

Forcing myself to move my line of sight away from admiring her female parts, I opened my mouth and said:

“Yuki, earlier, it was all thanks to you. It’s really lucky that while I was in that kind of situation, you were able to come to my rescue!”

“Now isn’t the time to thank me! There’s blood all over your face, Ryu!”

Yuki cried out as she knelt down by my side, covering my face with her handkerchief.”

“——That makes it seem like I’m dead!”

“S-sorry. I was going to use the handkerchief to wipe your face, but I thought it would be painful, so……”

“Then why couldn’t you just ignore me!?”

In that second, I had thought I was already dead in Yuki’s heart!

“……I might as well say it, it’s not just the face. My whole body is in a lot of pain, so just let me rest for a while like this. Then, I’ll can return to the dorms.”

“That won’t work, Ryu. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep in a place like this!”

“No problem, it’s summer, now. Or are you saying you’ll carry me back to bed like a princess?”

“Um——princess carry is a bit hard. How about I bring the bed here?”

“Such an unique proposal.”

On the contrary, wouldn’t it be harder to bring the bed here?

“——Nanami. Since this guy wants to lie on the ground, just let him be.”

There was no doubt that it was Kujyo who interrupted from the side. She stood next to me as I lay on the ground, with her legs spread apart. Apparently she had learned her lesson from yesterday, as today she wore leggings underneath her skirt.

“…….Just now you looked, didn’t you.”

“L-looked at what?”

“Nevermind. That’s just the so-called man’s instinct, right?”

As Kujyo looked down at me, for some reason she seemed somewhat proud.

“Anyways, you really are in bad shape. ……But, since you say you’re a pacifist, I guess you didn’t do bad. Thanks for your hard work.”

“——!? No way, did I just get praised by Kujyo!?”

Due to my excessive shock, I couldn’t help but to stare at her with rounded eyes. Kujyo seemed resentful of this, as she pouted.

“Why are you so surprised? Didn’t I say during the break that I would reward you if you won.”

“……Hm, you really did say that, but I never thought that you were able to compliment others.”

“What kind of person do you think I am!?”

“It’s because Kujyo’s sarcastic ability is a hundred times stronger than your ability to compliment others.”

“T-that’s not true. ……Although the last time I complimented someone was more than a decade ago.”

She hasn’t complimented anyone since she was 5 years old….

“Just asking out of curiosity,  what is the most belittling thing Kujyo can think of to say to others? Something like 「You’re so useless, don’t waste oxygen with your life」?”

“Huh? ……Sorry, we’re not very familiar with each other, so please don’t talk to me so casually.”

“I see, refusing to get to know them, while still using honorifics.”

As expected, Kujyo was a complete expert at hurting others.

“What’s with that look! You even went so far. Is verbal praise so insufficient that you want me to pet your head as well!?”

After Kujyo, who had let her emotions take control of her actions, spit out a random suggestion, she extended her right hand towards me.

“Y-you can’t Elena! Things like petting the head when it comes to the opposite sex are indecent! I absolutely will not allow it!”

“Eh? Petting the head is an indecent act? Kujyo, is that true?”

“Of course not! It’s just touching the head a little. Where is the indecency?!”

“No, no, no. It’s definitely impure! If there wasn’t any pleasure, then why would you be willing to touch his head!”

“Although you do have a point, Nanami, do you think that even a mother stroking a child’s head is an impure act?”

“Of course! Even if it’s considered to be a relationship between  mother and child, in today’s society, people will immediately be sure to have taboo emotions after being petted on the head!”

“What kind of society is that!?”

She’s being way too sensitive about touching heads. Rest assured, I absolutely do not have any taboo feelings for my own mother.

“Alright, alright, sorry to interrupt your pleasant conversation, but can you two underclassmen please let me pass.”

A sharp voice rudely interrupted our conversation. The owner of the voice was Shiranui, who had already quickly squatted down beside me.

Actually, while we were discussing trivial matters, Shiranui had already used her ability to release Kito’s . However, we weren’t able to see what specific kind of ability it was.

“Ryu, it must have been a hard battle. I’m now going to use to treat you. There’s no issue, right?”


I pondered for a while after, deliberately adopting an anxious (chewing on bitter worms) expression.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Ryu? You’re grimacing as if you licked a bug.”

“I just wanted to appear to be anxious, that’s all!?”

“Don’t pay too much attention to the details. The fact that you’re so bitter didn’t change.”

“Out of the question, it’s completely no good. If you use the verb ‘to lick’, then this statement will make people feel extremely disturbed.”

“Hm——But think about it carefully for a moment. Isn’t chewing on worms also very disturbing? Why would you chew on it? Wouldn’t it be the same as saying putting the worm in the mouth?”

“……Now that you say it, I think you’re right.”

Was the person who created this saying alienated at the very beginning. 「Earlier, I was wearing an expression of having chewed worms (grimace).」 「Huh? Chewed bitter worms? What’s that? It sounds scary.」 「Think about it. It would be bitter to chew on a bitter worm, right?」 「Sorry, I never chewed bitter worms before, so I don’t know. Also, never approach me again.」 was probably what it was like.

……The gossipping ends here, going back to the original topic.

“There’s no need for treatment. I don’t want charity from the enemy.”

I rejected without second thought.

However, Shiranui didn’t look a bit displeased with a cheerfully smiling face.

“You’re really a prideful underclassman.”

“You are one of the criminal leaders who placed us under house arrest. It’s only natural to refuse.”

“I guess that’s true, but it’s pity. Treating you wasn’t my original intention, it was only in passing. Because I had doing things that annoys others, let me do my best to treat you.”

“Wow, so evil.”

“Hmph, you actually dare say it, but I don’t hate presumptuous little devils like you.”

Shiranui said seemingly very happy.

However, I ignored Shiranui and turned to Yuki, who was beside me, and said.

“Yuki, could I trouble you to take me back to the room. I can’t really stand up right now. Could you use to float me into the air.”

“Huh?……But, if Ryu’s face injury isn’t treated, then I would be very worried.”
“Why would you feel worried? Not to mention this is only a small wound that could immediately heal——.”

“Wait a minute you snotty brat.”

Seeing myself seriously injured, I wanted to leave like this. Shiranui immediately came up to stop me.

“My pride as a member of health committee doesn’t allow me to ignore an injured person before me.”

Shiranui said intolerably, strongly grabbing my right hand. She didn’t seem like she was going to yield.

“——But, looking at it from your perspective, it isn’t incomprehensible as to why you want to refuse. So, how about this? We’ll battle right now and if I win, you’ll let me treat you.”

“I refuse. In my condition right now and against a S rank Exceed, there’s no chance of winning.”

I naturally rejected her challenge. However, Shiranui wore a sinister expression, seemingly that she won’t give up no matter what.

“Of course, I won’t make you battle for nothing. If you win, then I’ll immediately stop the school lockdown game.”


Stopping the school lockdown game? As long as I win the duel, then everyone can be liberated?

“This way, aren’t the conditions favorable to you?”

“Of course. ……However, what if you go back on your word?”

“That’s impossible. The Game Master would never break the rules.”

“……I got it. I accept your challenge.”

Thinking with common sense, it’s impossible that I can beat a S rank. However, since the other party already put forward the condition of ending the house arrest, there’s no way I won’t accept this duel.

“Then, Shiranui. In order to let me to go all out in this battle, please use to treat me.”

“——Huh? I can cure you?”

“That’s should be obvious Did you think I would be stupid enough to duel you while not in my best state?”

“No, there’s no problem with what you said, but didn’t you say 「I don’t want charity from the enemy」 in a righteous manner earlier?”

“The situation now is different. Stop wasting time and treat me.”

After using a slightly urgent tone to urge her, Shiranui tilted her head with a reluctant expression.”

“……In this case, what am I dueling you for?”

“Shiranui, there’s a saying that I like a lot called 「helping the enemy in time of need」.”

“——I see. Then there’s nothing else I can say. Let’s just call it giving you help in time of need.”

Shiranui gave off a bitter laugh. Immediately after, she took a small knife from her pocket. She aimed the knife at her left wrist and cut open her own skin vertically without hesitation.

Large amounts of blood spewed out like a shower from the cut, sprinkling over my whole body. My body was immediately dyed red with blood. I wanted to say something, but I was too shocked to say it.

Just as my whole body became tense, the surrounding blood that was spilled began to become transparent, and then disappear.

Also while I dazed, the wounds that made me hurt earlier mysteriously disappeared. Whether it was moving the wrist or using the hand to touch the cheek, there wasn’t any pain at all.

Another aspect was the cut on the wrist of Shiranui, which spewed a lot of blood earlier, completely disappeared at the same time.

“This is the effect of my . My blood has the ability to completely heal a wound.”

Looking at me with my eyes wide open, Shiranui said proudly.

“Also, the easiest way to draw out blood would be this.”

“——No, even so, you can use a less scary method, right? Being drenched by so much blood, even if it cured the wounds, it would also cause psychological trauma, right?”

“This ability has a good deal of restrictions. First of all, if it isn’t fresh blood, there wouldn’t be any effect. Secondly, although my tears also have the same healing abilities, shedding tears would be harder compared to this, right? Even by watching a very moving movie to naturally shed tears, generally speaking there would only be moving tears in the case of the climax. It would take at least take an hour and a half to collect it. Moreover, if the film isn’t moving, it’s likely there won’t be any tears shed.”


It’s clearly a S rank ability, but it’s surprisingly inconvenient.

“So, since the help has already been received, it should be about time to begin the battle, Shiranui.”

I stood up, looking at Shiranui, who was full of smiles.

——I absolutely can’t lose this showdown!!


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