Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 97

Heya everyone. Hope you’ve all had a great week so far! I kind-of-sort-of went into a translation frenzy on Tuesday (6 chapters total ._.) and it was pretty fun. Haven’t done something like that in quite a while. Right now, it’s starting to look like there’s a definite chance my Patreon will actually reach the third goal here in the next few weeks and I’m super excited about that! To be honest, I really didn’t think I’d even be able to get close to the second one. Seeing it shoot past the second goal and go straight to halfway till the third one… yeah. That was awesome.

As we start closing in on the last few chapters here, I want to say thank you to everyone for putting up with my eccentricities for this series. I’ve had both ups and downs in activity throughout the past what, two years (?) that I’ve been translating this and I’m truly thankful you all putting up with me and continuing to read and leave comments. I’m currently considering doing the last arc all within a week. That is, from the day I release chapter 113, each chapter until the end will be released every day, with 119, 120, and the Epilogue being released on the final day. That said, I’d have to prepare for that ahead of time. Been trying to set aside time to get that prepared, but I don’t know how I’ll make the time for it just yet.

Now, setting aside Patreon, ads, and all sorts of money trouble, this the real reason I love translating. I get to bring stories from a Japanese-only audience to all of you, talking about it (and complaining about it!) the whole time. No matter what happens in my life or any of yours, just know that I’m dead-set on seeing any series I start through to the end. These will always be here, will always move forward, and you (and I) will always have people to talk with. It may seem overly sappy for ‘simple novels’ to act as an anchor for anyone, particularly when compared to the Chinese wuxia juggernauts, but really… that’s what these past few years of translating has been for me. I picked each of the series I’m working on right now because I felt they would be fun to talk with everyone about. If they’ve brought happiness to anyone, that’s enough for me. Yeah.

Enjoy the chapter.



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