DKC chapter 96

Chapter 96 , a regular release is here early…With two more translators on-board it will take me a few days to work out a more faster release schedule. Meanwhile during the reshuffling process we guarantee a new chapter will be released everyday as we try to clear the sponsored queues. We release three regular chapters for every three sponsored chapters so queues take a little longer. Next chapter will be released today around midnight 😉 Brought to you by AyabeWakasa, ninja editor and June. 

4 thoughts on “DKC chapter 96”

  1. So, huh, is there a way to check when DKC was begun? Given that the author seems to be writing in average 8ch/day, it would seem that they began it around 2 years ago.

    That does sound incredibly quick though.

    1. Probably on the author’s own page. But someone posted on the main DKC page that DKC was published 4 month before Descent of Phoenix.

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