DKC chapter 88 always looking for more people to help

Chapter 88 is here (1 out 3 regular release of the week). Had a wonderful relaxing weekend and found another Chinese novel with kick-ass female lead on reddit…The series was translated up to 9 chapters (very long chapters) with total of 43 chapters….Once I have more time I may try my hand at translating it. Anyhow we are always looking for translators because we have 5000+ chapters to go… On call editors would be great too since we all need a rest and Brian will be on vacation for a week after Tuesday poor AyabeWakasa will be carrying all the editing load 🙁 Chapter was brought to you by Brian and June. Almost forgot if you want to help out email me/June at [email protected]

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11 Responses to DKC chapter 88 always looking for more people to help

  1. Liedral says:

    Hmmm…. you mind posting a name of that kick-ass female lead novel? Thnks for the new chap btw~

  2. Crocochan says:

    Please take up “A mistaken marriage match”.
    Please, please, please…

    • June says:

      I don’t like to step on any toes so once I can contact the translator (assuming stupid world press would let me in!) and see what he/she say. So far I have been unable to get her contact information and worldpress won’t let me post on her blog !!!!

  3. Luc says:

    I’m already reading/listening Chapter 190 of DKC.

    I can translate by ear (since I’m bad at reading the characters) and my English is better than my Mandarin. Since I’m pretty busy, I can only offer to help with far off chapters?

    My skype is my email, if you want to talk about it faster.

  4. Autumn Leaves says:

    Hi, if it’s needed I can help edit stuff in english.
    My english is pretty good but I dont speak chinese

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