DKC chapter 819: Welcome New Translator Kazeko

Chapter 819 brought to you by Kazeko, June and Ninja. Gift chapter for reader sponsored one. Three more days left before single chapter releases. Here are some words and a short bio from Kazeko

Hello, I’m Athena, but I usually go by the name “Kazeko.” I am 22 years old female who is a college student majoring in Public Health and Animal Science. I’m Vietnamese, and have lived in Vietnam for 13 years years. Obviously, I moved to American at the age 13 and now live in California, an earthquake state. I mostly work on DKC as translator from Vietnamese to English and sometimes work on summaries translations. Anyway, nice to meet you all. I hope our translations can bring you joy and relaxing time!

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  1. besegra says:

    This novel is one of a kind . it truly is awsome

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