DKC chapter 73 and lots of surprises for me

As mentioned before alyschu managed the impossible and send her pet squirrel (no idea how she managed to train one) to secretly deliver chapter 73. Unfortunately she was dragged away by ATG after being discovered… While her pet squirrel was around our DKC main page was updated with the official book covers of the first 3 published volumes (about the first 1000 chapters). Yes the published volumes got a new and much shorter title and we still can’t agree on what it should be. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section. (Wait I was told the squirrel was alyschu in disguise—smack my head—so obvious.) Anyhow enjoy this unscheduled chapter as our gift to thank you our loyal readers and sponsors. Brought to you by alyschu and Brian. And this webmistress will now go and shamelessly ogle at Nangong Liuyun on the covers (O.O)

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4 Responses to DKC chapter 73 and lots of surprises for me

  1. In-come says:

    Since winter is coming, the squirrel has to hurry and hide her nuts and fruits. You are now one of her secret burrows. Congratulations!

  2. anon says:

    being one that cant reach chinese, i want to know the difference between the old and the new published title. and those covers, who are those depicted on the covers?

    • June says:

      Of course the covers are of our handsome hero Nangong Liuyun (else why would I continue to ogle him ^.~). As to the new title…best described as a short romantic novel type of title…So far the staff here at DKC and ATG proposed it to be translated as: Love me forevermore; Promise to love me for life; Reborn to an everlasting love; and just by looking at the cover alyschu suggested I AM the BEST (LOL). So any suggestions along these lines would be very helpful 😉

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