DKC chapter 526:::I’ll be MIA

Chapter 526 gift chapter for Readers sponsored one from yesterday brought to you by Last, June and Ninja.  So I’ll be driving for at least 14 hours from NYC to Chicago…Tomorrow’s chapters and for who knows how long will be posted by Alyschu. Then we are slowing down to 2 chapters a day to stretch out the sponsored chapters till the end of the month.

It’s been a great ride everyone…I’ll be Missing In Action for a while…No idea how much time I will have to translate… Good news it’s summer so must of our translators will be back from vacation! Okay give me an hour or more to post the next two chapters between last minute packing!

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9 Responses to DKC chapter 526:::I’ll be MIA

  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    Be careful on your way to Chicago, there is a line of storms that are hitting hard over here in the Midwest. We even had a Tornado Watch, though I don’t think anything happened, but still.

    • Leafyeyes417 says:

      Well just looked at the radar and I guess the storms are more in Wisconsin & Michigan, so maybe you will miss all that stuff. 😛

      • June says:

        Great just what I need to be blown into the world of OZ! I hope my friend who is driving from NYC to Wisconsin this weekend will be fine…

  2. Jhime85 says:

    Yes come see me! Yay! Chicago is awesome right now. It’s finally warm again.

  3. snq says:

    good luck with the drive and the new city june

  4. Midori says:

    drive safe—! take care!

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