DKC – Chapter 49

Good morning…Today’s regular chapter 49 of DKC is brought to you by June, TheMuffinMan and Brian. From now on * following a term will be defined at the end of the translation. As for the next chapter… it’s in the editing room causing a lot ^ blushes ^ during the translation process.

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8 Responses to DKC – Chapter 49

  1. Sayath says:

    I salute you, slave driver June. The pace has been steadily increasing. You spare no effort in working TheMuffinMan and Brian to the bone.

    As your faithful reader and (donation) sovereign, I bequeath upon you another batch of chapters. May you continue with your excellent services.

    Ten out of twenty sponsored chapters have been fulfilled.

  2. hipployta says:

    Amazing…where do I find how much to contribute to sponsor whole chapters? My $15 wasn’t enough

    • June says:

      Don’t worry Hipployta your sponsored chapter is next in que. It will be released after we finish the regular 3 chapters for this week. To be honest before today I was thinking to take a rest after releasing your chapter …Then I woke up and Sayath happened. le sigh, back to translating.

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