DKC – Chapter 46 and a new editor

Please give a big welcome to our new editor Brian, who will be helping out full time. Without him this chapter would not have been polished enough for publishing as our team lost alyschu to ATG. Hopefully we can steal back alyschu as a translator, maybe bribe her with a pet? Enough chit-chat here is chapter 46 , sponsored by Sayath. Bought to you by June, TheMuffinMan and Brian. Enjoy and yes tomorrow we will publish the next chapter.

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4 Responses to DKC – Chapter 46 and a new editor

  1. Asu says:

    Thank you team for the quick updates lately. We are being spoiled :3

  2. Sayath says:

    The show must go on!
    9/10 sponsored chapters have been fulfilled. ❤

  3. Anon says:

    Thank you June, TheMuffinMan, Brian, and Sayath 😀 I love this story, so interesting

  4. seawaterwitch mira says:

    I love your work. I wish you are keeping these project too 😉

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