DKC chapter 372-374 Reader sponsored

Chapter 372 and Chapter 373 and Chapter 374 are another three chapters sponsored by readers for clicking our page brought to you by June and Ninja.  The edited version is up. Anyhow here are the readers/commentors we want to thank for reading 🙂
Arua           Degs                        sevenPocky
Asu             afngrl247               the nomnomster
RizYun      vang                         jawke
jess             White-Shadow      Ros
Sama         Bobenstein             Leafy

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5 Responses to DKC chapter 372-374 Reader sponsored

  1. Ravenbrand says:

    Love this book.. I can’t wait to see what his highness Prince Jin has to say to Fairy.

  2. Arua says:

    W… Wah… Thanks for the hard work, love you all! 😀

  3. Uh… im consfused, is this chapter only half translated or do the chinese words not actually mean anything. If its only half translated then i obv dont wanna go read it right now.

    • June says:

      It’s completely translated. Just not edited for English grammer etc. I left the Chinese in to let people know it’s not edited. The Chinese will disappear once it gets edited.

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