DKC Chapter 34 and DKC translation news

Chapter 34 is here! This chapter was brought to you by June, persse, and alyschu.

I received an extremely generous donation from Sayath for DKC with a suggestion to start up a sponsored system for DKC. I have already discussed it with June and she’s all for it since she plans on staying on the DKC translator boat forever whether or not we get anything for it (tell her she’s amazing). As stated in our bio page, “translators on a project with a consistent schedule of novel chapters per week can activate their own bonus chapter event if they feel up to the task”. June obviously deserves something for her hard work so I’m going to open up a sponsored chapter system for DKC!!

The system will be like what I have for ATG. To start, we’re going to try to maintain a pace of 3 regular chapters every week starting next week. Every time $15 is met, there is the chance of bonus chapters being released whenever we find the time! The other reason why I agreed is because when we release Chapter 35, we’ll be introducing a new casual translator who’s joining our DKC team. It’ll be easier for me to toss each translator their slice of their sponsored pie if it’s split chapter by chapter instead of me worrying about how to split any donations for DKC in the future.

Enjoy the chapter!

ps. I forgot to mention that Sayath donated a whooping $150, so there are already 10 sponsored chapters in queue!!

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6 Responses to DKC Chapter 34 and DKC translation news

  1. Midori says:

    Thanks a lot—!
    -gets cake for all the translators- thank you for all the hard work all of you do—-!

  2. Mech@ says:

    Thank you Sayath, ty TLs!

  3. Jawke says:

    Thank you June, Persse, and Alyschu.I still love the story!(and all the hard work you guys/girls put into translating.

  4. YEY!! says:

    W0w $150? thank you SAYATH for buying us more drugs!! and to the drug dealers! lol

  5. kukkiri says:

    That’s a seriously generous donation! But you guys deserve it! As per Alys’s request, you’re awesome, June! Alys and persse as well!

  6. Sayath says:

    Excellent, I believe my generosity will continue in the future ~

    However, I now need to figure out a good distribution key between DKC, DOP and ATG. Indeed, a difficult decision.

    I guess I’ll give priority to DKC since it was my humble suggestion to start a sponsored system.

    We must attract more translators and get DKC off the ground!

    Chapters, chapters every day!

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