DKC chapter 170 and 171 sponsored by Dewi S

Regular chapter 170 is here. Looks like the goddess Dewi S has dropped by again to sponsor more chapters including tonight’s chapter 171. To zero our sponsor queue we will be releasing two chapters a day until New Years. Today’s chapter is brought to you by June and Ninja will be proofing it in a few hours. So I thought it would be fun to post the unedited chapters with the Chinese to give the readers an idea of what our editors/proofreaders see. Will repost the finalized version later 🙂 I personally think having the Chinese there is prettier.

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4 Responses to DKC chapter 170 and 171 sponsored by Dewi S

  1. Midori says:

    Haha, the chinese is pretty indeed!

  2. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the double release!

  3. dar says:

    Thank you for the chapters 🙂

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