DKC chapter 1009: the romantic chapters are coming…

Chapter 1009 brought to you by June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by readers for visiting everyday with ad blocker off. Now giving credit to reader/commentators at a time. Double releases for this weekend all thanks to the sponsors…I apologize before hand for the stiffness of the romance in the translations…I really am bad at translating romance.

Thank you to the readers below:
Courageous beauty
Samantha Capaul

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3 Responses to DKC chapter 1009: the romantic chapters are coming…

  1. Hyacia says:

    You don’t have to apologize for anything, June. I love your translations! My Chinese isn’t good enough to read the raws, but I can tell you do a great job of preserving the author’s style/tone.

    • June says:

      Translating from Chinese to English has completely deteriorated my English…if I only had time…reading a few more english romances should help translation sound more smooth…

  2. calipiter says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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