dkc 1772: Congratulations 2019 graduates!

Chapter 1772 brought to you by Ninja and June.
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Arrived safety in NYC and just attended my sister’s graduation. Still very jet lagged so release will be all over the place until I return to Japan after Memorial Day weekend. So sorry but will make up the chapters I miss when I get back. Thank you all for your patients.

Lastly a huge shut out to the graduates of 2019!

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5 Responses to dkc 1772: Congratulations 2019 graduates!

  1. Belkar says:

    Congrats with your sister!

  2. Ellundril says:

    Enjoy your trip !!

  3. Yelle says:

    congratulations to your sister and have a safe trip!! Enjoy and thank you for all your hard work!!!

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