dkc 1614: Trying to get back into translating

Chapter 1614 brought to you by June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by readers visiting with ad blockers off. Thank You!!!

Vietnam and Cambodia was amazing. The 12 hour layover in Thailand was a nightmare because Thai seem to really hate Chinese looking tourist 🙁 Anyhow will try to do single and double releases everyday until I make up the chapters I missed for two weeks!

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2 Responses to dkc 1614: Trying to get back into translating

  1. Belkar says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  2. DresliefDre says:

    I recommend making a sign in their native language that proclaims you are not Chinese…
    If they don’t believe it, you can always sell them the Brooklyn bridge.

    Glad you had fun.

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