Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 4

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Volume 7, Chapter 4: The Brilliant Daily Life of a Saint, Part 1


14 years ago… Kidou Keiji’s broken body sat there, in a stone room illuminated by the light of a crystal ball.

Soon after, he was carried out by the residents of this world and received treatment, but it was two more weeks before he was able to leave his bed, having been weakened so much by his injuries.

In that time, Keiji had been told that, of all things, he was one of the hero candidates of this world, [Tess].

From the hospitality being shown to him, they had probably investigated without telling him, and Keiji might have had the makings of a [Hero].


Keiji felt a sense of incongruity when he was finally able to speak again.

He felt a sense of incompatibility as a modern person in this different world, and when he talked, he felt a strange sense of incongruity between his mind and his body, the summoner, the first princess, sounded like she was in her early teens, but she talked to him as he was someone in her age group.

Finally, Keiji, who managed to move himself to look at himself in the mirror, was astonished. He looked at least ten years younger than he remembered.

Keiji, who in his own memories was a 26-year old, stared at the person who looked like he was in his early teens looking back at him in the mirror…… At the very most he was 14 or 16. He didn’t know how it had happened, but Keiji put this fact away and began to ‘live’ within this world.


What he discovered was that this world had the development level of the Middle Ages on Earth and had a cultural system that was very much like Earth’s.

As for the language, he was able to speak it from the beginning, and after coming to this world it seems that he’d gained the benefits of the [Skills] that were particular to this world.

And he understood it, it would be almost impossible to return to his original world.

It seemed that the technology to send things back to earth for this world that summoned [Heroes] from earth for war existed, but since it was vastly more expensive to send them back than summon them, they wouldn’t consume precious magic for such a thing.

If it was a [Hero] that they could use, there was no way that they would let him go, and if they were asked to use it on an ordinary person, they weren’t going to waste magic on such things.

Also, even if they had been told that they would be [Sent Home], the odds of them ending up in some other dimension was high.


Being exiled to another dimension…… the sheer horror of it couldn’t be imagined without feeling it for yourself.

He had been thrown out by that “monster” in the shape of a young girl who called herself Yuzu, and Keiji seems to have been [Summoned] the instant he had been tossed out into the dimensional space.

His grudge against that girl outweighed his relief at being saved.

But, even if it was possible for him to return to earth, there was no point going back if he couldn’t beat that. And Keiji, as an ambitious person, didn’t really have a strong sense of country and thought that it was important first of all for him to strengthen himself in this different world [Tess].

Fortunately, Keiji had the ability to be a [Hero] and took the name of “Kyoji” in the phonetics of this world and started his second life in Tess.


And the years passed, and Kyoji gained strength and reputation as a hero, and the fact that the Sail country had summoned a hero from another world was known.

Kyoji didn’t have any bad thoughts about it. Kyoji didn’t concern himself with whether the abduction of people was good or bad, merely if they were usable or not.

Having attended the summoning ceremonies several times now, although he’d heard that other countries had performed summoning ceremonies, the next person with the potential to be a hero after Kyoji was the boy that had been summoned by the large country Harko, and nobody that was suited to be one of Kyoji’s party members had been summoned in Sail.

Those who could not be used were banished from the castle with a bit of gold, and if the knave even thought of doing something sneaky, they would be disposed of by the knights.

However, if the person could be used, they would be educated and made the tool of Kyoji.

However, this time around, although there was a large scale summoning of four people, what actually appeared was 9 and a little more, and among them there were irregular people, who were visiting from another world that wasn’t earth.


After examining the literature for these fourteen years, he didn’t understand any other world other than this one, [Tess], and [Earth (Terra)]. By coincidence, these ‘otherworlders’ also happened to be attempting a transfer, and their cultures were also somewhat similar.

It would not be strange for their world to have sorcery that could transfer them to other worlds.

And there were more of them that had come with that magic power that should only have summoned four, and they used a summoning formation as well, so it was possible that they intended to come to this world.


And these otherworlders had girls who were so beautiful that he couldn’t possibly think of them as human.

Those singular good looks that were almost inhuman, made Kyoji the same impression as that ‘monster’ that had thrown him to another dimension and made him wary.

From that golden ‘princess’ that seemed to be the central figure amongst them, Kyoji felt a terrifying magical power. Having felt it, Kyoji confirmed his own hypothesis by intuition, and thought of whether to dispose of her before she obtained knowledge of this world.

In and of itself for Kyoji, it would be dangerous if she started to obtain the skill even if she was to partner with him.

The impression of ‘Yuzu’ that he’d experienced had become a deep trauma in Kyoji’s heart.


That girl, even though she was using polite mannerisms, he could feel something from her speech and behavior.

And this time, by showing the pretense that he worried about the four children who had been summoned this time, Kyoji thought that she would become hostile to the kingdom for using them.

For the kingdom, it was but a matter of due course, and even Kyoji thought of it as nothing more evil than kidnapping.

When she rebelled against the kingdom, Kyoji would move to eliminate her.

He would attack her as a hero with the impression of an ‘enemy’. It would be alright if he had the opportunity to clean up this place, eliminating the risk of the four of them in the attack magic he used, but she dispersed the magic and didn’t even avoid it.

He intended to make her defend them, forcibly embroiling the four of them.

Having just come to this world, even if she could have averted getting hit directly in that moment, they would die, and she could be drawn in by the commotion.

Although it was out of Kyoji’s calculations that several of the knights had been caught in his ranged magic, because he had expected her to avoid the attack, all of them had been hit directly.


However, in the aftermath of getting directly hit by his [Acid Cloud], not even the knights had been taken out, that girl had not only protected herself, but everyone else as well, perfectly.

Seeing that, Kyoji changed his plan instantly.

As to why she cared so much about the four children, he didn’t know, but he re-contemplated the idea of making use of her sweet side, and though it was somewhat forced, if he used his power as a Hero, he could use them as her ‘shackles’.


He saw a little of the current state of affairs. Although he couldn’t trust her because she felt like that “Yuzu”, but as long as she was obedient as one of Kyoji’s limbs it would be good for him to drop that second princess as his ‘woman’ and instead use that girl for his plans.

That was a very large bet, but as it always was, things couldn’t be earned without putting oneself at risk.




Yurushia Here! It’s now the season where lightly seared cuttlefish and octopus are tasty.

Did you know? The cuttlefish and octopus I’ve been seasoning with souls that I thought came out of nowhere have actually been being made manually by the Greater Demon craftsmen.

Aren’t Demons great?


“Yurushia-sama, another cup of tea?”

“Oh? Why sure.”

Sitting alonside my personal maids Tina and Fannie, they lightly squeezed souls into the tea until it turned the color of blood.

I’m currently in the courtyard of the castle, observing the training of the cavalry.

If I were to say what happened to my plan, I could only say that I ‘let it be’. I was going to go against the king, but I had been forcibly drawn into things by Kyoji.

With him taking responsibility, his credit as the [Hero]-sama rose massively……

The Kingdom doesn’t forgive otherworlders who go against them easily. However, his hero magic had been defended against, and I’d shown them my power by healing all those injured people.

Therefore, I had been saddled with those four’s education.

A troublesome person with power, but because it was preferable to having to go to another country, so as long as I remained docile, nothing would happen to those four. As it was, the castle would retain my power and the fame that came with it. …… Or something like that?

Apparently, the king of Sail had announced that he had summoned me as a [Saint]. I wondered how it would have gone for me if they had told me that they had announced me as an angel……

Although I had dealt with them as if they were ‘kidnappers’ at first, I only just realized how it may not be best to oppose the country of [Heroes].

Perhaps because I had only heard bad things from Yuuki-kun, but from the beginning they’ve been looking at me with suspicious eyes.


The target this time was the [Hero’s Secret Arts] that Yuuki-kun had [Contracted] for, so let’s keep moving.


As I used a tea set that Noa had put out to the courtyard, elegantly drinking tea, I noted that the knights in the castle seemed pretty hot-blooded, even though some had delicate expressions.

The senior knights who knew of the incident that had happened before that audience were plainly wary of us, whereas the younger knights that didn’t know were nervous under the gazes of the girls who had come to visit.

As for the fragile expressions, it was the knights that I had healed while being called a [Saint]. It seems that they couldn’t understand the feeling of distance in the way they pointed their swords. The knight that Onzada-kun had viciously beat up was also mixed into that group.

And in that situation, the younger knights that didn’t know of the circumstances were watching the beautiful female knight (lol) Nea, who was attending their practice for her own fun with Futa and Daichi.




Daichi and Futa were avoiding the casual swings of Nea with her training wooden sword with great desperation.

Even if it seemed like a really light blow with an equally flat shout, it was still the blow from an [Archdemon], so even with a wooden sword it still tore a hole in the hard training grounds as if it was pudding, and this caused a stir amongst the knights.

At first Nea was about to use [Nyankoken] but I stopped it. It’s obvious why. If I kept hearing that [Nyaa] or whatever in my own voice, my delicate Demonic spirit would take damage.


Aah, that’s right, the four of them actually don’t have any potential as heroes. And that child Mizuki that gave off a regrettable feeling, I wonder if she was hero-level? If she tried her best, she should be able to use the easier techniques of the [Hero’s Secret Art].

And that situation happened like this:



“W-well then, I’ll be checking your ‘Status’.”

So said one of the royal magicians of the castle with a nervous look.

Although I’d said to leave them to me for a while, in the case that they didn’t have any aptitude to be a hero, they’d be expelled, and if they did, the education of a [Hero] was waiting for them.

“It’s like a game……”

Touka revealed her thoughts, but I and the other three also thought the same thing.

Yuuki-kun had cast [Appraisal] on me while I was Yuzu, but will it be displayed properly with the castle’s facilities?

Either way, I don’t want to show my status in front of so many other people.

Especially, my ‘Dexterity’……

Although I’ll be going to a magic facility where they can use [Superior Appraisal] without an audience, Kyoji and Bianca are also going along.


“By the way, Bianca, what are yours?”

“W-wait, why did your tone suddenly change!?”

If I asked Kyoji, it would just end up being another roundabout verbal battle again, so I asked the talkative Bianca, but was I too frank?

Bianca was trying to complain, but still she remembered my power and obediently replied me.

“Well, it’s alright…… Fuuhn, my stats aren’t low, But I’ll let you know.”

“Yes, please do.”

“It can’t be helped”

Maybe… she wants to brag about it?


HP: 67 MP: 128

Strength: 8

Defense: 7

Agility: 7

Dexterity: 7

Magic: 9


“…… All single digits”

“Let’s look at your MP, 128 !? That’s more than an elf”

I guess that’s how physical and mental strength is being displayed. Seriously game-like.

But, an elf? …… As expected, it was as Yuuki who pronounced it in the syllables of this world.

I suppose it’s better than calling them “Atora,” my stomach couldn’t take it if it were another strange name.

Still, neither Bianca never told me her skills. Well, that’s obvious I guess. It would be exposing your weaknesses.

“You too, saying such things”

“Is that so?”

I’ll admit it, since I’m being honest.


“Hey, I’d like to see mine as well.”

Daichi spoke out from beside me, emanating a nervous feeling. It seems that the other three were all rather bothered over their status.

And so, this was Daichi’s status.


HP: 95 MP: 83

Strength: 12

Defense: 12

Agility: 11

Dexterity: 7

Magic: 9


“Average values.”

“Eh…… is that so?”

Daichi was disappointed, but the attributes weren’t so bad. His values were average, but it seems that his spirit values were slightly higher as a person from another world.

The other three were the same as well, having only general education and moderate exercise.


“I also have [Water Magic Ability] and [Light Magic Ability].”

Mizuki said so, knowing that all of them also had magic skills.

In this world, it seems that most people only had one magic ability, but it seems that many of the otherworlders often had multiple magic skills.


“Fufun, finally it’s Yurushia’s turn. Let’s see what your status is.”

Bianca seems to have stopped using honorifics with me.

Well, it’s fine, but it’ll be seriously problematic when the strange numbers come out.

“Now then, let’s begin…”


As the royal magician used the device, the attached crystal ball shined and the [Appraisal] began. Yuuki-kun took 5 minutes because of the magic consumption, but as expected, the castle’s facilities are fast.

After about one minute, the words were projected onto the wall brightly.


Name: ερ‰¢σα£ Age: 12 Race: ξιαβολ Sex: Female

HP: ‰ゞ∞εφ¢σ  MP: μεφΨ?鉣ゞ∞εφ∈μζ・¢φα……

Strength: ゞ∞£ωыъъξゞ∞εφ

Defense: £ゞ¢σασωωμζ・¢∞

Agility: ゞ∞ゞΨ?ισω‰£εφ

Dexterity: 2

Magic: μεφΨ?ι‰σω£ゞ∞εφ∈μζ・¢φα……





Everyone present was taken by surprise at the garbled characters that continued after without stopping, before the crystal ball began to make an ominous noise like ‘Gigigigigi’ and melted like it was undergoing thermal runaway.




Why was the only part I wanted to hide showing up!



My dexterity that didn’t increase even in my demon form.



Author’s Notes:

Next time, the daily lives of the other demons.


App’s Notes:

TL note: Nyankoken = kitty sword, more or less.


Oh come on! I split three chapters and the one I promise a full one to you kind folks ends up being 1.5x the normal length and has a perfect break in the middle.


In other news, exposition is exposition, still happy that we’re back in high fantasy land, yay abrupt author pivot.


I have to admit, the dexterity joke got me off-guard and got a good laugh out of me this time, It’s been a while and I forgot, hehe.



Piroton’s Notes:

(Is almost back from land of glorious harmony)

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    thanks for the hard work … the stupid hero has a hunch that “Yurushia” is “Yuru” then why is he even trying to deal with him? yes … he really is stupid

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