Story of a Careless Demon Volume 6 Chapter 19

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Volume 6, Chapter 19: Setting Info [Demon Encyclopedia]



 [Demon Encyclopedia]


[Demons], who inhabit the Demon World, one of the worlds of spirits, can be divided into several kinds.


[Least Demon]

Basically without note, they don’t have any intellect and are weak and selfish in the Demon World, but when summoned into the material world, they have as much power as an average soldier, and could be summoned without human sacrifice, they are basically snacks for other Demons: a pitiful existence.


[Lesser Demon]

These are the kinds of demons that most people would think of when asked to imagine demons. They have terrifying appearances like some sort of mutant animal that walks on two legs.

They roughly look similar to one another, but the strange thing about them is their combat prowess.

With a body made entirely out of magic power, they can use [Magic] by converting parts of themselves into power, and with a shrewd wit and a giant body that exceeds 2 meters in height, they can disable a knight in full armor with a single blow.

Their fighting ability is said to match around 3~5 knights together.


[Greater Demon]

With an even bigger body than a Lesser Demon, their silhouettes are much closer to human.

Their most terrible aspect is their ‘intelligence’ which is said to be equal to that of, or higher than, a human being, and with their enormous Demonic magic power they could shoot out many attack spells with a single roar.

They always cheat their summoners to devour their souls, and need great care and attention to summon.

It was said that each one’s battle capacity is equal to that of at least 100 average men, up to around the size of a small army.



A higher class of Demon. Even in the entirety of the Demon World, there are only around 100 of them.

Their power is equal to that of a [Greater Spirit] that can create natural disasters, and when they appeared in the physical world in the past, even when they didn’t manifest fully, they would require the power of the whole country to subjugate, or for a [Hero] party to link arms and take them on together.

It is said that when they showed up, they looked like humans, clad in clothes that looked as if they had been weathered for thousands of years.


[Highest-Order Demon]

A great individual that rarely appeared amongst the Archdemons after a long time.

The existence of three types of them, the [Demon Lord], the [Demon Beast], and the [Devil], have been confirmed.

They were the [Gods] of the Demons, whose abilities were shrouded in mystery.



[Demon Character Introductions]



Magic Power: 120,000 ( 530,000 in Demon form) Species: Golden Beast

Demonic Title: [Devil][Demon Beast] [Devil Princess] [12 Pillars of the Demon World]


Appearance of a 12 year old. Height, 158 cm. She is a beautiful girl with golden eyes, and long, straight golden hair going down to the middle of her back.

A special individual with memories reincarnated from a human being. Summoned to the material world by accident and fusing with a stillborn baby, she became a powerful Demon with human attributes.

Besides being a humanoid [Devil], she is also a golden cat-type [Demon Beast], which Yurushia uses for magical warfare and physical warfare respectively.

Although the person herself doesn’t know this, she has become one of the [12 Pillars of the Demon World] after single-handedly destroying one of the pillars of the Demon World, the [Demon Lord].



Magic Power: 1,080,000 Species: Dark Beast

Demon Titles [Demon Beast] [Legendary Demon Beast] [12 Pillars of the Demon World]


Originally a jet-black leopard whose total length exceeded 10 meters, more recently, it has been more and more like an ordinary ‘black cat’,

It had been summoned to a world as a larva, gained an intellect, and then set itself up as a beast type for battle.

Several thousand years ago, when he was summoned again as a [Greater Demon], he killed his summoner, and through destroying the country, became a [Demon Beast], and came to be called the [Legendary Demon Beast].

Although he was always bloodthirsty, he has become a Demon with a heavy air of intellect after thousands of years of being a Demon.

He is still a body without a vessel, and now he is looking for one so that he could maintain his presence stably.



Magic Power: 77,000 Species: Incubus

Demon Title: [Archdemon] [Demon Lord Candidate]


Appearance of a 15 year old. Height, 174 cm. Yurushia’s exclusive butler, with brunette hair hanging over his forehead covering his blue-grey eyes, with the appearance of an attractive boy.

A special individual who had been changed by Yurushia at the larva stage, a specially remodeled Demon.

When he takes on his Demon form, he grows out jet-black goat horns.

Uses a [Release] ability that is paired with his twin’s [Absorption] ability.

Prudent and always looking thoughtful, he is always thinking of how he can better serve his mistress, and constantly pours over strategies.

Occasionally, he wears glasses.



Magic Power: 76,000 Species: Succubus

Demon Title: [Archdemon] [Demon Lord Candidate]


Appearance of a 15 year old. Height, 164 cm. Yurushia’s exclusive bodyguard knight who takes the form of a beautiful girl with blue-grey eyes and long brunette hair.

A special individual that had been changed by Yurushia at the larva stage, a modified Demon.

Whenever she assumes her demon form, jet-black goat horns grow.

Uses the [Absorption] ability that is paired with her twin’s [Release].

Her behavior is reckless, and although she’s quite the carefree character, she has comparatively more common sense then expected.

The ‘Golden Sword: Nyanko’ that makes a [Nya] sounds in her mistress’ voice is her treasure.



Magic Power: 80,000 Species: Gorgon

Demon Title: [Archdemon] [Demon Lord Candidate]


Appearance of a 12 year old. Height, 155 cm. Yurushia’s handmaiden with blonde hair and blue eyes, a cool-looking girl.

A special individual changed by Yurushia at the larva stage, a modified Demon.

When she takes on her Demon form, her hair becomes hundreds of golden snakes.

An individual with great fighting prowess with physical attacks, with her golden snakes and a powerful ‘petrifying’ ability with her gaze.

Although her speech and behavior are usually quite cool and collected, and she works hard, her love for her mistress is too strong, and makes her head hazy.

Incidentally, she is a dirty-minded one… And flat as a board.



Magic Power: 74,000 Species: Nightmare

Demon Title: [Archdemon] [Devil Candidate]


Appearance of a 12 year old. Height, 152 cm. Yurushia’s maid who took the form of a fanciful-looking girl with blue eyes, and silver hair that reached her shoulders.

A special individual that had been changed by Yurushia at the larva stage, a modified Demon.

In her demon form, her hair turns white and her face will form into a harlequin’s mask.

She can plunge thousands into a “nightmare” just by them seeing her. The events that they experience in the nightmare are felt by them in reality, and destroy the spirits of those experiencing it.

Her speech and behavior are childish, and only happen whenever something fun to her has happened. On things that concerned her and Yurushia. though, she works seriously.

Very good at being spoiled. Unexpectedly large chest.



Magic Power: 5,000 Species: Behemoth

Demon Title: [Greater Demon] [Potential Demon Beast]


Its original appearance was a brutal demon with a bull’s head and a bear’s body the size of a mountain, but after the recoil from being rapidly grown by Yurushia set in, it’s currently a teddy bear.

Being reincarnated from earth into another world, his regret over his wife on earth had been used by the [Demon Lord].

Afterwards, his [Contract] had been snatched up by Yurushia, and his soul reincarnated on earth again.

Having committed countless sins, and having taken countless lives, this powerful soul that had been reborn twice was reborn as a demon, and became Yurushia’s subordinate.

It’s being spoiled.


[Onza (Onzada)]

Magic Power: 4,000 Species: Laplace

Demon Title: [Greater Demon] [Potential Devil]


He became a Demon through a contract with Yurushia while he was human, but since there was only a stuffed toy as a vessel nearby when this happened, he is now a moving rabbit stuffed toy.

The childhood friend of Yuzu, Yurushia’s past life, or rather, her childhood sweetheart? Because of his promise to protect her, as soon as he protected Yurushia and was reborn, he had become a strong individual.

A Laplace is a Demon that could look into the reaches of time, and that power had been integrated into Onzada’s prediction abilities that he’d had since he was a human being.

His speech and behavior, far from being a young boy, sounded more like a tired older uncle in life.

His favorite thing is sake.


[Mephi (?)]

Magic Power: ?????? Species: ?????

Demon Title: [Devil] [Bestower of Wisdom]


Appearance of someone in their mid-twenties. Height, 185 cm. A beautiful youth with red eyes and navy blue hair that didn’t reflect any light, making it look like black.

A true Devil that had been travelling between dimensions for thousands of years.

His demonic form causes him to grow 6 bat wings the same colour as his hair.

Until Yurushia had appeared, he had been the sole [Devil] in the multiverse for thousands of years, and as the only person of the same type as Yurushia, he called himself [Older Brother].

Nobody knew what he was thinking, but it seems that he’d given Yurushia, who had become a [Devil] through unusual means, insufficient knowledge.

His hobby is winning arguments on the internet.


[Greater Demon Army Members]

Magic Power: 2000 ~ 3000

Number: Population reduced from 2000 to 400.


Special individuals that the attendants had created with the bodies of the vampires.

Stronger than normal [Greater Demons], they were a Demon Army that existed only for Yurushia.

They’ve been given a certain amount of modifications and education, and worked well even if they were only given dry seaweed.

Usually, they would be in the subspace that was governed by Noa, [Lost Eden], processing the seafood.


[Heraness] [Annihilated]

Magic Power: 650,000 Species: Monkey

Demon Title: [Demon Lord] [Harvester] [12 Pillars of the Demon World]


A normal demon that had been born in the Demon World that had eventually advanced to a [Demon Lord] after a thousand years.

Usually looked like a human noble, but when his emotions surfaced, his monkey-like appearance would emerge.

Although he excelled in his cunning and in gathering souls, because he gave priority to his hobbies like many other demons, he took hundreds of years to harvest good souls.

He was one of the seven Demon Lord pillars of the Demon World, but since he’d only existed about a thousand years, he was the youngest of them.

Having lost the contract with Yurushia in the battle to take the soul of Geas, he had been destroyed by a slim margin after fighting Yurushia, who was slightly inferior to him.

He enjoys working with bonsai.


Author’s Notes:

This is completely for the sake of special interest.

The next volume starts from the next chapter.

App’s Notes:

This has been a good primer on what we’ve seen so far, I bet a few of you had forgotten about dear Mephi, eh? Feel free to leave a comment, kind internet trolling devil. 0.0


Also, holy crap dark beast? What’s with that ridiculous power level?

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