Story of a Careless Demon Volume 6 Chapter 16, Part 2

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Volume 6, Chapter 16: The Demon-God War, Part 3, Part 2



“[Bow of Darkness]…!”


A jet black arrow that split into several hundred were loosed towards [True God Tokyo], and it emanated shockwaves like a huge tsunami, offsetting the attack.

The battle between [True God Tokyo] and I was in a stalemate.

It was almost my equal, even though I was a [Devil] who was near the top of the ranking of the Demon species…… No, considering that I am still young and not at full power, it’s my disadvantage.

I think that if Rinne regained his power, we would win, but it would take thousands of souls for Rinne to recover his power as a [Beast]……

Also, unlike myself, who could only replenish my magic power with dried octopus, the [God] had infinite power reserves as long as it had ‘believers’.

The believers were the residents of Tokyo who dedicate themselves to their desires. …… In enough time, it seems it will get to a point where I will lose unless I massacre them all.



I heard a worried voice from my attendants.

There were the four of them facing ten enemies of nearly the same power level as them, so it would be bad for me to ask for help.

Muu…… that Matsuri person was in such a place.

Kotone-chan……? Misa? Is that little child my niece?


“[Sacred Wings]…!”


I added golden feathers to my bat wings and changed to a high-speed mode.


At that instant, shock waves wracked me. Crap, I want to fly, but now but I can’t move.

I have to leave it to Yuuki-kun…… It seems like Rinne and Onzada-kun were also headed for them, will they make it in time?


I thought a little bit and took out a single feather from my Sacred Wings. …… Maybe, this could do the trick?


“Even buying a moment would be good, please…… [Alias]…”





With a shining strike from Yuuki, one of the fake nurses was sent flying through the door.


When one of the fake doctors struck out a fist full of ‘ki’, Yuuki not only received that fistful of ‘ki’ with a single hand, but also crushed the bones with his fist.


Due to the overwhelming difference in combat ability, the remaining fake nurses retreated with frightened faces.

Seeing that, Yuuki stepped forward in a dash, but



Matsuri had unexpectedly took up a fruit knife and pointed it at Karin’s throat before he’d known it.


“Hiieeeneenen, Mother……”

“Annoying brat, I’ll cut your face.”

Matsuri grinned while she looked at the fake nurses. The monks who were looked at, despite having reservations about taking a child hostage, took up their staves to hold off Yuuki.

“…… Don’t hate me for this.”





At that time, someone was thrown through the now broken window.

“Wh-what is it this time?”

Stunned by the sudden appearance of a man who rolled across the floor and slid out onto the broken door in the hallway, Matsuri momentarily dropped her knife away from Karin’s throat, but this time, a jet-black mass jumped in through the window, biting Karin’s collar and pulling her away.

“A Cat!?”




When she heard a scream, she looked back only to see Yuuki beating down the last of the monks to the floor.




Karin ran to Kotone. While looking at them, Matsuri looked up and rushed at Kotone and Karin with the fruit knife.

“Why! Why can’t you all just do what I want! I don’t understand!”


Indeed, in this situation, they didn’t expect someone to have such reckless behavior.

It was an instant of carelessness…… Matsuri’s malicious blade approached the two… and as the fruit knife pierced deeply all the way forward, Yuuki wailed.





The one among them who had failed to protect a ‘girl’ in the past from a blade, protected that girl’s family at the expense of his own body.

“You’re a nuisanceeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Seeing Onzada, who had cut in, Matsuri was foaming from the mouth, and she tried to push the knife in further.

In the current situation, her push only lengthened Onzada’s wounds. Even just twisting the stabbed knife would be fatal.




There was now a person who was grasping onto Matsuri’s knife hand.

With blonde hair like golden threads…… and a cold beauty like a perfect doll.

A girl who looked down upon Matsuri coldly with her golden eyes uttered a single word as she placed her hand on Matsuri’s face.





As she screamed like a beast at a slaughterhouse, Matsuri staggered backwards while holding her burning face, and fell out of the broken, third-floor window.

The golden girl in a black and silver dress smiled softly at Kotone and her husband, Misa, and Karin, and then disappeared as it melted into motes of light.


Yurushia’s holy spirit magic had created for a [Virtual Alias] for a few minutes.

As Misa looked at the ‘face’ of the girl that disappeared, her eyes went wide, and Kotone’s voice leaked out.




Author’s Notes:

Next time: we’ll finish this volume.


App’s Notes:

Nice easy TL note, since it’s right above us, ‘-ko’ is a term of endearment for a child, as in, she’s surprised to see her child as a child.


Edit: Guess not, oh well. If y’all are nerd enough to correct me, you’re nerd enough to do this instead, I’ve only got a year of this left before my workload increases past the point of no return, so do let me know.

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