Story of a Careless Demon Volume 5 Chapter 3

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Volume 5, Chapter 3: I became a kindergartener, Part 1


Because of the strange incident that had happened at the park where I was, my prohibition on going out was extended another two weeks. Incidentally, there haven’t been rumors about me either. Even if there were witnesses, nobody would believe such a thing had happened.

It seems that the apparent reason why the prohibition got extended was because I had gotten a shock from the scene of the accident.

Well, to be honest, I’ve been crestfallen for a while.

After all…… how was I able to do such a thing……?

I don’t understand myself. For I that, until now, couldn’t even bend a spoon, I didn’t know at all that I could do such a thing.

Still, in that instant where I felt anger against that [Existence]that had frightened Kotone-chan, I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt like “I could do it”.

…… well, there’s no point in worrying about what I don’t understand. It seems that I chafe at difficulty.

Anyways, beyond all of that, I’m going back to kindergarten starting today.

…… is it alright for me?


“You grew so well, Yuzu, you’re so cute.”

The kindergarten uniform made me look about three times cuter than I thought.

It looks amazingly expensive.

As for why the uniform is such, it seems that it’s because of Kotone-chan and onii-chan, who are in Takamine Academy, which is affiliated to the kindergarten.

…… how much does it cost for these clothes that will only be worn for a couple of years??

Well, the tuition fees are high, but children from ordinary families are also enrolled. It might be that an ordinary family would get the uniforms through net auctions or maybe they wear hand-me-downs.

So… I think my family is somewhere in the upper-middle class?

For the time being, I’m quietly attending kindergarten. There are also children of families who have relationships with Father’s company, so although I’m not normal I’m not going to feign friendliness.

My appearance reminds me of one of those high-class daughters if I was older.


…… However, there’s still some problems.

I feel like my appearance changed subtly since I woke up.

Although my aged, droopy-eyed expression hasn’t changed, it feels like a subtle “distortion” has disappeared.

Even when I wake up in the morning, my eyelids aren’t puffy. My face is also less puffy.

I had good skin since I was a child, but it was now strangely glossy, and my sunburns faded back into my original skin color, but the skin looked whiter even while my complexion got better.

And it seems improbable, but I think my features are now perfectly symmetrical……

It feels like an elaborate [Human-shaped Bisque doll] rather than a human…… I do.


“What’s wrong, Yuzu, you’re seriously cute today.”

Ooba Onii-chan hugged me and took me to the car.

Kotone-chan also wanted to hold me, but because of the size difference it seems that my uniform would crease if she did and become disorderly. For some reason the words “hugging personnel” came to mind.

Even then, my hair was tied by Kotone-chan. The hair that reached my collars was tied into a small pair of twintails with red ribbons.

Uwaa…… It’s cute if I looked at it objectively, but at the same time it’s embarrassing.

A real twin tail, is this a certain consumer-electronics street (read: Akihabara), or am I in some Catholic school that’s being watched over by a goddess?

…… It’s because I think about these things that I’mtold my memory has become hazy.


The car came to pick us up and send me to kindergarten, which started early, then to the middle and high school sections which were next door.

I can’t even recall the faces of my kindergarten classmates, and I worried if this was okay, but it seems that that matter had been made known well in advance.

Besides, if I saw their face, I might remember. So said the goddess-sama…… hmm, for some reason it feels like I don’t have the protection of the “gods”.


“Yuzu, if you get into trouble you can ask the teacher to call for me, okay?”

“No, it’s better to call for me, if any boy decides to bully you, onii-chan will take care of them, okay.”

“……I’m going.”

I got out of the car in front of the kindergarten, and was accompanied by the teacher who came to pick me up as I entered the compound. Sorry, teacher, but I don’t remember.



“……In short, because Yuzu has just recovered from an illness, please treat her kindly, everyone.”



What do I do? The teacher seems to have omitted the fact that I don’t remember things. It can’t be helped. I just don’t understand the difficulties of a kindergartener.

I was surrounded with some distance. I managed to remember some faces somewhat, but it just doesn’t come to me. A barrier was put up separating us automatically.

It might be because of the change in my appearance… The Yuzu that they knew seemed somewhat different, and they might be scared of me who seemed to resemble a doll.

I’m in trouble now. “I” was remarkably carefree about my change.


“Yuzu-chan…… are you alright?”

There was a tough guy speaking to me.

I was a little bit surprised and turned to look, there was this tiny little cutey looking at me with a worried expression.

“……Ah, erm……”

For some reason I felt like I played with this boy. But his name eluded me.

That boy game me a harmless smile.


“Yeah, it’s alright, I heard from my father. My name is Handsome, remember?”

“Han…… oh, I remember.”


In an instant, my whole back was covered in a cold sweat, and I felt like my consciousness was about to fly off.

Come to think of it, I remember hearing from Father yesterday that there was a boy with such a name. I thought at that time that he was joking with me……

When I hear it from the person himself, the destructive power of it is outrageous. What were this child’s parents thinking when they gave him this name? Recently, I heard that such fancy and sparkling names were popular, but for them to evolve this far……… Were they unable to cancel the evolution?

Oh crap, my face is making various expressions.

But if I scrunch my nose in I lose. He’s the scion of a famous meat processing company’s president and a major client of father’s company.

The capital of his company and the number of employees were at national levels, with completely different orders of magnitude.

“I’m so glad… I, had been worried.”


He had a pleasant plump smile on his face. Apparently, he has no doubts whatsoever about his own name…… the industry’s power is indeed deep.

While I spoke with him, memories of him gradually came to light. He was quite the carefree character, but because of his body shape, he was getting teased by the stronger boys in the class.

He was also biased towards our friendship, and played mostly only with children whose houses were like mine.

It’s more than I deserve…… As the scion of a large enterprise, with a good personality and looks…… he was cute like a stuffed toy, but had few friends whom he approved of.

Was he easy to remember because he’d had a big impact on me……?


“Yuzu-chan, shall we play over there?”

“Yes…… but, are you alright with me?”

When you’re with me, aren’t you scaring off the other children? I thought so, but he blushed a little and shook his head.

“It’s because Yuzu-chan is gentle that I get teased. ……erm, but… *you’re cute*”


“Oh, that’s right! Would you like some snacks?”


Even though it’d only been one hour since kindergarten began, he’s already taken out a majestic “snack” for me.

So I thought while receiving a round ham.

…… Please let me stay thin.




Author’s Notes:

Next time, the secret of Handsome.


App’s Notes:

Handsome was written in phonetic English there, btw. It’s sort of disturbing reading raw… *Shivers*

Side note: Made an attempt at fixing his name to just handsome, on recommendation of Rofl. Not sure what exactly he wanted, since he just linked a wikipedia article on japanese, but I did the best that 10 minutes of free time could do, and the offer’s never not open to join the team! 🙂

Same offer goes to any other fluent-ish Japanese readers who are not reading the raws for whatever reason… Seriously, I just don’t have time to get better at this with a 70 hour work week for the forseeable future.

Piroton’s Notes:

Spell it with me. C-u-t-e.

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  8. RoflCat says:

    May I introduce you to this page

    And you should actually look at the RAW to stop making the sort of mistake that makes you look like a MTL that have 0 knowledge of JP (or maybe you are?)

    His name is written as 美王子 (This actually matter ok? You don’t get away with this unlike the time you changed Yuru’s sisters name for no reason)
    And furigana is ハンサム (Handsome)

    His name is NOT Prince Handsome
    You made the same mistake with ‘Yuzu Yuuko’ before, learn from it already.

    • Explains Simple Things says:

      It would really do you well to not speak down to others. It helps everyone because there’s nothing distracting from the meat of the lesson.

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      Wow, pretentious ass. If you can read the raws so well, what are you doing here? It’s fine to point out a mistake, but it’s pretty insulting to link the wiki for furigana.

      May I introduce you to this book?

      I recommend reading it. Learn from it already.

      • RoflCat says:

        Because as someone who can read and understand what actually happen, I’d like other readers to actually know what is really written, not what a person who claim to be ‘translating’ but is really just copy and pasting into google translate and act like it’s 100% correct, or even worse, DEFEND the machine translation when someone pointed out it’s wrong.

        And hey, they’ve been at this for ONE YEAR, surely they’ve gotten better, right?
        Nope, I’ve been through this before, it’s kinda why I stopped reading this ‘translation’ and just read the raws ahead.

        So why am I here? Because from the raws I know this is one of those name that you don’t get away with fucking up without snowballing your fucking up further down the line, so I came to check with a small hope that maaaaaaybe after ONE YEAR of ‘translating’ they’d pick up proper Japanese, I think one of them is studying it?

        And as I said in my comment above, they did this before with Yuzu’s name in ch 1, but they fixed it then.
        So since they haven’t learned the lesson this time, I figured maybe they don’t know what the heck is a furigana.

        Until MTLers stop acting like they know more than people who point out they’re wrong, I don’t feel like NOT being an ass to them.

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          Nahh no problem.. no problem.. you’re right.. but you, being an ass while pointing some of the mistakes are the can point it out properly right? without being an “ASS”.

          • RoflCat says:

            As I said, I’ve been less of an ass to them before.
            The breaking point was Vol 2 Ch 13 if you want to check the specific.

            Essentially, they defended a mistake that was so obviously MTL-only (it’s a ‘because X, so Y’ sentence, but their translation was ‘because Y, so X’)
            And then say appreciate the feedback and offer for me to join their team.

            I gave the correction for free and they refused, so I don’t see what would come out of me joining their team. Maybe I’d become the correction slave for them so that they never learn to stop being shit? I might as well just go read the raws.

            And so I did just that (read the raws) and I figured until they stop being bad I’d occasionally check in to point out they’re bad, since there’s certain lines that I can tell only stupid MTLers will fail at (that line in the chapter I mentioned is one of the basic grammar, it’s not something a normal person who can read JP should ever fail to that degree)

            In fact, I’m not expecting them to fix it just because I pointed it out, after all they didn’t do it the times I did before. (And as of this posting I can still see that mistake remaining in that chapter so I’ve been using it as example for ‘if you don’t want to be treated like a retard by people who know JP, don’t defend something like this’)

            p.s. Another important line I just remembered and went back to check:
            Did you know this series actually had a title drop earlier that they translated it wrong AND failed to mention it’s a title drop, thus completely ruining the significance of the line?
            Or that there’s actually 8 new side stories chapter added to the ‘first season’ that they haven’t bothered to go back to translate at all? (or maybe they didn’t even know those exist)

            Or that this ‘vol 5’ is actually under a slightly different title?
            悪魔公女 〜ゆるいアクマの物語〜
            悪魔公女Ⅱ ~ゆるふわアクマ旅情~【リメイク】
            the 2 main differences are
            ゆるい to ゆるふわ
            the former is the hard to translate part that became ‘lax’ in the English title.
            the ふわ is essentially ‘fluffy’ (it’s actually similarly pita to properly translate all the potential meaning over, but in term of English meaning fluffy is probably the closest partly due to the meme status)
            in other words, Yuru have officially become FLUFFY

            the second part is
            物語 – monogatari/story
            旅情 – referring to one’s mood while traveling
            which signifies the change in theme a bit (The first is about Yuru, culminating into the title drop moment. The latter…well, ‘travel’ is the theme)

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t this Chinese?

      美 – Mei: Beautiful (so handsome?)
      王 – Wang: Royal prefix
      子 – Boy: Combined with the above makes Prince

      I don’t know furigana, but I don’t get it. Why does Prince Handsome not work?

      • RoflCat says:

        The same reason you don’t call Yuzu ‘Japanese citron’or her brother Ooba ‘bigleaf'(it’s oo, not oh, it’s a long sound), it’s his given name.
        You don’t translate someone’s name just because it can be done.

        His name is written as 美王子 (the name can be read as ‘Mioko’ too did you know? though it’s a female name) but furigana (how it should be read) is only ハンサム (Handsome)
        It’s basically the equivalent of naming your kid Pikachu via ‘sparkly name’ (google the parent naming kid pikachu, you should get an article that explain more details on that)

        One of the more common usage of furigana is on a resume, telling the employer how to read your name, because the same kanji can sometimes be read differently, a common example is probably Haru vs Shun for the character for Spring season.

        This points to either:
        1. They’re translating a given name (美王子), which makes his name the odd one out when the rest of the characters get to keep proper name. (Yuzu, Kotone, etc)

        2. The more likely option given their past records. They can’t differentiate between furigana and the thing it’s supposed to describe, and translate ‘美王子ハンサム’ (beautiful/handsome prince handsome) which is still wrong because his ‘name’ is ONLY Handsome.

        3. They read the next chapter, and after a short pondering, decided fucking up one character’s name is easier than writing a translation note explaining how/why Yuzu does what she does. I’m sure they don’t think their readers will care, after all none of them ever point out some obvious mistakes that cause inconsistency in the translation before.

    • Dark1knight says:

      Man look, you my not like what they do and you may feel infuriated by their mistakes, but remember this : they do it for FREE give them a break man.
      And if you want this corrected so much why don´t you do it yourself ? You seem to know a lot so rather than telling them to do a better job and complaining offer your help to them even just a small editings can help. Else you´re just angering those who apreciate their effort no wonder some are calling you a asshole. Also almost no one cares if they get a part of the translation wrong we can comprehend the story just fine. About the missing side chapters, that´s unfortunate but for most of us we can only wait for we are only doing that in order to enjoy this series(pretty damn good bargain if i may say so myself).
      The translators do not have any obligation towards ANYONE.They do this because they like and if they stop no one can blame them for they have their own life to live.

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  10. Explains Simple Things says:

    I’m really enjoying this new Arc. It’s cute, yet already carries difficulties her way. I’m sure she’ll find a way to use her devilish cuteness to save those dear to her in the future. I just hope her old body is intact somewhere, somehow, it would make things awkward to eventually return.

    Thanks for the translation! Hopefully this names business can get cleared up, I agree that if some mistakes were made it’s best to study the requisite stuff for a bit on the side to ensure better quality and accuracy.

    Though really, if one goes to the trouble of saying you’re wrong, they could at least show you what the correct name is instead of ordering you to do the work from scratch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • App says:

      First off, sorry for not catching that again, I moved recently and have been busy with the increase in work load in my new position, so I missed Piro’s error there again 🙁 I’ll do my best to catch that in the future during our TL consolidations in the future.

      On Rofl: I’m sure he’ll actually offer his help in a less mean way eventually. He mentioned earlier that I said he’s free to join the team (In fact, we’d probably appreciate having someone to help, even if it were as a last build checker) but he hasn’t reached out to us.

      I’m an auditor (look up the usual hours of that job) and Piro’s a hard working student: we just don’t have the time to be perfect, only give reasonable assurance of accuracy. I likely won’t have time to work on improving my language skills for the next decade until things slow down hours-wise… Unless I’m sent off on an international rotation in Japan out of nowhere or something.

      In fact: If any of you know you can improve on our work with actual knowledge rather than Hard Work(tm), Rofl included, seriously: reach out to me and we’ll get you involved in the process as a full partner in crime! (I’ve turned on my email notifications for this thread, so I’ll see if anyone responds)

      I’ll repeat what I said a year ago: my goal is and has always been English legibility. If inaccuracy causes actual problems, we’ll go back and fix it as soon as the problem manifests, then leave a TL note at the bottom of the new chapter.

      We hope to be at least the equivalent of a Movie to the Book. Folks that have read the real thing in the proper form will despair the subtle misses and in jokes, but overall folks are happy. At the end of the day, folks can read a pretty cool book series that I didn’t want to see dropped a year ago, even if it’s not perfectly done, and that makes me feel all fluffy inside.

      • Explains Simple Things says:

        This makes a lot of sense. Thank you for helping me understand! I hope you don’t feel pressured, this isn’t your job and you’re already busy. Personally I’ve been fine with the translation so far, the names were more of a mutual, “Huh, I guess that’s a reasonable thing to mention politely.” (for me at least)

        I noted your note at the end of the next chapter, I do hope that people are nicer to you about that stuff in the future.

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