Story of a Careless Demon Volume 3 Chapter 18

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Volume 3, Chapter 18: Setting: 『Yurushia’s Secret』 , Bonus Chapter


The Secret of Yurushia-chan (At the end of the third book)


Name: Demon name Yurushia

Human Name: Yurushia-La-Verusenia

Species: Demon Beast 【Golden Beast】


Age: Human Age 10

Mental Age: Teenager


Human mode appearance:

Height 152 cm Weight  ????

Fair skin. Hair is shiny and golden, rather than blonde, and is straight, extending to below the chest level. Past a certain point, the hair ends curl upwards and become rounded.

Her eyes are pinkish with a slight tinge of gold, and with slightly droopy eyes.  

Of the things that make up a living being: blood vessels, skeletal structure, muscles, living habits, fatigue, health condition, temperature, humidity, all do not show on her, a living being without 【Flaws】.

She has few pores and sweat glands, causing her to be lacking a human air.


Demon Beast (cat) mode appearance:

Length: approximately 60 cm. A Golden cat that resembles a Russian Blue.

Coming out of her golden fur is a pair of golden bat wings, a single wing being more than 5 metres long.

Ruby eyed, with crimson red crystalline fangs and teeth.


Status (parenthesis denote ability values when using demonic power).

Supplement: the average human being has around 10. A Hero is around 100 ~ 300.


Endurance : 5 (3600)

Physical Strength : 3 (312)

Defense : 2 (265)

Speed : 7 ( 24000)

Magic : 80000 (530,000)



Note: Level 1 is a beginner, level 5 a master, and level 10 is god-tier.


Awkward 【Level 3】 (Carried over from Previous Life)

Laid Back 【Level 5】 (Carried over from Previous life)

Intimidate 【Level 7】

Holy Magic 【Level 8】

Summoning Magic 【Level 6】

Spiritual Magic 【Level 5】

Nobility 【Level 3】

Mental Resistance 【Mental Attacks Nullified】

Abnormal Status Resistance 【Level 6】 (Only in Demon Form)

Love Resistance 【Level 2】 (Junior High school student average) (Carried over from past life)

Villainous Lady 【Level 1】

Automatic Effect 【Level 1】



【Laid Back】

When in the conscious range of the person with the skill, atmosphere becomes 『laid-back』.

【Automatic Effect (passive skill)】

The appearance of the golden fur always seems fluffy and shiny. 【Stealth – 1】




【Demon God (The Devil)】 【Creator of Demons】 【Holy Mother of the Demon World】 【Gourmand】 【Otherworld Transmigrator】


【Daughter of a Ducal House】 【Princess of the Holy Kingdom】 【Saint of the Holy Kingdom】 (NEW)



The title of 【Demon Beast (small)】 acquired in the Demon World, has been combined with 【Demon God (The Devil)】 through the acquisition of a human body.

The title of 【Saint of the People】 has been integrated into 【Saint of the Holy Kingdom】.




Although the elaborate 【Human form】is cold like a doll, causing humans to feel an instinctive 【Fear】, thanks to the human-ness granted by her plebeian thinking, its effect has been neutralised subtly.

Because in the【World】 of her mind she’s automatically rebutting other people, she seems taciturn, so to people around her she looks like a 【Sheltered Princess】.

The longer one associates with Yurushia the higher the level of 【Mental Resistance】will rise.   


Author’s Notes:

I wanted to try writing a status page once, since it’s fashionable……


App’s Notes: FINALLY, I can google what sort of cat she it!


Piroton’s Notes:

None this time

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  1. djdreye says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m surprised to not see ‘S’-rank or ‘EX’ rank skills. The author must be hiding the true powerlevel… :p

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eh, only level 2?

    Much thanks.

  3. Reader says:

    No shown skeletal and muscular structure. Few pores and sweat glands. That is either a truly horrifying human being or a slime.
    THanks for sharing this.

  4. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the status page~

  5. PotatoZero says:

    Wait, if I remember correctly, weren’t there 5 sovereigns of Demon World of which three of them were Demon God, Demon Beast, and Golden Beast? She had become two of the five now?

    • Dragrath says:

      I think she technically is only The [Golden Beast] However the humans saw her as [The Devil] because she meets the conditions (understanding of both humans and demons)
      However I don’t think she is The “true” Devil that others know because she is the [Golden Beast]
      But I may be misunderstanding that as well…
      Can anyone elaborate?

      • accountmadeforants says:

        Any demon that can manifest fully and in a humanoid body seems to get the “Devil” (Demon God) title. At least, that’s what the demons (the mortal kind) and vampires (and probably humans?) seemed to think.

        Paraphrasing, they’re supposed to be an incredibly charismatic, noble-esque being with abilities surpassing that of any Demon manifested through summoning. Though in the end, it doesn’t really say anything about her standing in the Demon World.

        I think it’s worth noting that it’s definitely not a perception thing, though. It clearly says she got the title by acquiring a human body.

        • faustrunner says:

          When she met Mephistopheles (“Mefi”) in a dream, he said that they were the same species, but that her never saw another of his kind in the millennia he’s been traveling.

          Given what was said in 2-0 and 2-15, I have been under the impression that a Devil is a special existence that is a sort of traveler? Old vamp said that they had “[Knowledge of Another World] obtained over a long time,” but given that there are other reincarnated people, we don’t know what makes her special.

          • Elmithian says:

            Rather than reincarnating in a physical realm, her could got reborn in a spiritual world of demons, yet she managed to retain a sense of “self”

            That is what makes her unique, there may be other reincarnators, but none that survived or even got reincarnated into the spirit world of demons.

  6. Candied Skull says:

    Those traits carried over from her previous life are just great. xD
    There really is a large difference between her human and demon cat self, and both appear to have room for growth.

    • Naga says:

      Thats not the stats for her cat for but when she augments her body with demonic energy. Not sure if its due to sheer amount or purity that causes this ridiculouse rise.

  7. AO says:

    Asides from her magic, her stats are so average for a human. Demon magic= Super Saiyan God essentially
    Let hope the author does stat profiles for the four demon children and the Dark Beast.


  8. Thanks for the uhh chapter?
    Thanks anyway!

  9. libraryrocker says:

    HUGE WINGS!!!!!! (tiny cat)

    XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

  10. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chap

  11. Anonymous says:

    I always picture she look like kero from CCS

  12. killking says:

    I know its nothing you can affect because you “only” translate and not write, but after a week of waiting this was kind of a letdown ;C

  13. ricecal says:

    Thank you very much

  14. N0xiety says:

    Uhh can’t you make a double release this week there is barely any text in this anyways? It really was kind of a letdown expecting the 4th volume and getting… whatever this is o_O

  15. DOHere says:

    Good to see a detailed physical description

  16. MrsNyan says:

    I also paused to google the the cat before continuing to read 😂👍

    As always: thanks for the chapter 💕

  17. FranckOA says:

    I don’t know why but when I thien of Yuru, I always saw her cat form like this :

  18. Shiraori says:

    most likely she is considered devil because:
    1. she has knowledge from another world(her dream at the start)
    2. is a powerful demon (she isva demon beast which is about 3-4 from the top)
    3. has a human body, and fully integrated?
    also an interesting point is that otherworld knowledge somehow enables fusion of demon and light magic.

  19. crystalalarm says:

    Well this answered a lot Poor yuru ver.1.0 died in middle school I guess.

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