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Duke’s Daughter Character List

Made by: ConformChild

I made this character list in case some of you readers have any questions of forgot about some of the characters.

Feel free to leave suggestions about improvements or mistakes that I’ve made for the characters in the comments down below.

Be warned, some of the summaries do contain minor spoilers.

Noble Ranks








Armelia Family

Armelia Fiefdom – A large territory of a duke in the Tasmerian Kingdom.

Iris Lana Armelia – Main Character, Reincarnator, President and Founder of the Azura Conglomerate, probably the youngest self-made billionaire of the Tasmeria Kingdom, and the Proxy Lord of the Armelia fiefdom.

Berne Tash Armelia – The younger brother of Iris, the heir and future Duke of the Armelia Fiefdom, looks up to Iris, and he was interested in Yuri Noir.

Mellice Reese Armelia – The mother of Iris and Berne Armelia, the “Flower of High Society”, the Advertising Director of the Azura Conglomerate, becomes very scary when angry (according to Iris), favored by the Queen Dowager from a young age, and the second most influential woman in the Tasmerian Kingdom.

Louis Dan Armelia – The father of Iris and Berne Armelia, Prime Minister of the Tasmeria Kingdom, and the current Duke of Armelia.

Gazelle Daz Anderson – The father of Mellice Armelia, a general in the military of Tasmeria, achieved much success in the 30 year war against the neighboring country — Towair — respected by both the military and the knights of Tasmeria, and a Marquis of Tasmeria.


Iris’s Entourage

Tanya – Iris Armelia’s maidservant, commoner chosen by Iris to become a maid, and received lethal martial arts training.

Ryle – The commoner chosen by Iris to become her personal bodyguard.

Dida – The commoner chosen by Iris to become her personal bodyguard.

Moneda – The Commerce Guild of Armelia’s Vice Chief of Accounts, a commoner chosen by Iris to get an education,

Sei – The commoner chosen by Iris to become the next butler of the Armelia house, the Vice-President of the Azura Conglomerate.

Rehme – The commoner chosen by Iris to become the librarian of the Armelia family.

Merida – The commoner chosen by Iris to become the cook of the Armelia family.

Sebastian – The Steward and Butler of the Armelia Family and Head of the Financial Department of the Armelia Fiefdom.

Rimé – The chief maid of the Armelia Family.

Mimoza Langley – One of the few true friends Iris made at the Academy and comes from the Marquis House of Langley.


Tasmeria Family

The King of Tasmeria – An elusive character that has been bedridden after Alfred’s mother’s death.

Eliya Von Tasmeria – The Queen Dowager of the Tasmeria Kingdom, the most influential woman in the kingdom.

Alfred Tasmeria (Dean) – First Prince of the Tasmeria Kingdom, Iris Armelia’s trusted aide, and romantically interested in Iris.

Edward Tom Tasmeria – Second Prince of the Tasmeria Kingdom, former fiancée of Iris Armelia, engaged to Yuri Noir.

Leticia Tasmeria – First Princess of the Tasmeria Kingdom, Alfred’s younger sister.

Ellia – The King’s favorite concubine, the second Queen of Tasmeria, the mother of Edward Tasmeria.


Alfred’s Entourage

Ludy – Alfred’s childhood friend, his aide, Iris’ cousin.

Milo – Alfred’s personal intelligence agent.


People interested in Yuri Noir (excluding the people I’ve already put on the list)

Yuri Noir – The daughter of the Noir Baron Family, engaged to the Second Prince, and she was the playable protagonist in the game that Iris played in Japan.

Dorsen Katabelia – The son of the Knight Leader, and romantically interested in Yuri Noir.

Van Lutasha – The son of the (Former) Pope of the Darryl Religion, and romantically interested in Yuri Noir.



The (Former) Pope of the Darryl Religion – An evil leader of the Tasmeria Kingdom’s Darryl Religion and had close connections with Ellia Tasmeria.

Baron Mabaras – The Baron of the Messi Territory, a close friend and the right hand of Gazelle Daz Anderson, a supporter of the First Prince’s Faction, and he was bestowed knighthood as a reward for his military exploits.

The Earl of Dranbalt – An Earl of the Dranbalt Territory, is in the neutral faction, and his wife gets along with Mellice Reese Armelia.


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