DD Chapter 84 Part 1

Chapter 84 – Iris’ Plan (Part 1)

[Iris’ POV]

Translators: ConformChild [Moon Bunny Cafe]

Editors: ConformChild [Moon Bunny Cafe], Misaki [Moon Bunny Cafe]

The correspondence that needed to be written by the president of the Azura Conglomerate was on hiatus until now because of the excommunication incident.


There was an overwhelming amount of correspondences to write for the damage taken at the riot and for the rush after the convergence.


All I had left to do was to respond to the letters we were receiving from another company. It looked like I was going to have to stay up writing correspondences.


I was slightly regretful that I will have to work a lot more than my usual routine. However, my office is a place to get work done. Not a place to cry over past mistakes.


I collapsed into the back of my chair, and I threw my ink quill onto my desk.


Recently, I’ve begun to take this posture more when I am tired.


“Hey, Sei…” (Iris)


He’s probably here to collect the letters that I have written so far.


“Yes, what is it?” (Sei)


“This time, the Second Prince has approached three companies and ruined them. Do you think the Azura Conglomerate should acquire the three companies by purchasing them?” (Iris)


Sei looked very startled after I asked him the question. But after a moment, he had calmed down.


“… Why are you suddenly talking like this? Before this, haven’t you heard that there is a shield behind the second prince. Doesn’t the actions you’re thinking about doing suggest retaliatory behavior? Are you sure you want to go against the Second Prince?” (Sei)


Correction. His calm gaze seems to be a facade disguising the deep worry he possessed for me.


“I agree… but no. In my opinion, it’s more of showing mercy to the three companies if we buy them instead. As you can probably guess, the companies’ management is deteriorating and most of their employees are quitting. We happen to have a dire need of employees right now.  Additionally, the Second Prince’s way of thinking is flawed. He thinks of companies as his tools. He removes companies when he thinks they are an eyesore to him.” (Iris)


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