DD Chapter 83 Part 2

Chapter 83 – The Later Talks of a Riot (Part 2)

[Iris’ POV]

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Editors: ConformChild [Moon Bunny Cafe]

In fact, the president of the Chamber of Commerce stepped down from his position. I thought that it was perfectly understandable given the state of Armenia after my excommunication.


The problem is that now, most of the companies will not make their headquarters in Armenia and that will decrease the number of merchants passing through Armenia.


In other words, the 2nd Prince is trying to use the economy to destroy Armenia with a method that doesn’t involve the military.


That is my a speculation but I have no evidence backing that up.


In fact, now that I’ve gotten over the excommunication ordeal, the Azura Conglomerate can finally start releasing new products and reestablish its reputation and make customers gradually return to buy our products again.


“Our company’s business has gone down quite a bit because of the Second Prince.”


Hence the current problems.


However, it should also be known that the Second Prince’s company gained no momentum through the crisis.


Additionally, the quality and pricing are also similar between our companies. However, due to the Second Prince Prince’s taking advantage of the Azura Conglomerate’s crisis, they have gained a small customer advantage over us.


I kept thinking back to how the false accusation led to a good majority of our customers not returning.


Because the management was poorly run for a short period of time, the customers had decreased in the long-term because they didn’t trust our company anymore.


On the other hand, it is a bit relieving that the Church is backing up our Chamber of Commerce now.


“Well. I have to resolve the consequences of our employees becoming negligent with their responsibilities as well as resolve the case of our total number of customers decreasing. Judging from the contents of the employment contract, it seems that the Azura Conglomerate is still doing a much better job than the Second Prince’s company. However, it seems many of our employees were dismissed because of the deterioration in management. Damme seemed like one of the people who was dismissed due to the poor management…  It seems we have to cut down the number of employees quite a bit.” (Iris)


“Isn’t that something to be dejected about?” (Tanya)


“No. I thought that it was a waste to let them be so easily dismissed too. However, I know that it is inevitable to lay off employees when the management deteriorates. As the president, I cannot make decisions based off of my feelings and although I do feel very sympathetic for the people that did get laid off, I cannot blame the management at the time for making that decision.” (Iris)


Also, it is undeniable that the Second Prince’s company did gain many advantages because of the information that the ex-employees gathered during their time in the Azura Conglomerate.


I realized that I was drunk on my achievements and dismissed it easily without ever planning for this scenario back then.


“A trait of mankind is that the economic power and social status that one had built once is not easily discarded.  In fact, the people who quit the Azura Conglomerate said that the payment of the contracts in the past was high but it worsened and there were multiple complaints filed about the worsened management. Overall, it seems that the cores of the company management quit and the decisions were left up to less reliable people.” (Iris)


Even during my excommunication, it seems like the Azura Conglomerate’s management was fine and running without any problems. I just complicated everything by my excommunication.


If things keep going the way it is right now, there will be a hurdle about employing new members of upper management.


“Is there any possibility that the previous workers of the Azura Conglomerate have any interest in working again for the Azura Conglomerate?” (Tanya)


“I wouldn’t bet on that small chance.” (Iris)


“… So. We will need to strengthen our security as well so that an yesterday’s outrageous incident does not happen once again.” (Tanya)


“Certainly.” (Iris)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Even during my excommunication, it seems like the Azura Conglomerate’s management was fine and running without any problems. I just complicated everything by my excommunication.”


    • Namu says:

      I believe she is comparing the 2nd prince’s company and hers when she got ex-communicated by the Church. Yeah he got some of her employees but their company wasn’t as stable as hers and that’s why even with her people working under him, his company still didn’t flourish.
      Thank you for the chapter!!!

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