DD Chapter 81 Part 2

Chapter 81 – Sei’s Conviction IV (Part 2)

[Iris’ POV]

Translator: ConformChild [Moon Bunny Cafe]

Editors: Misaki [Novels&Chill], Matty [Yado Inn]

Then, Sei turned to the waitress and remarked: “First of all, in the documents that received signatures when we hired people, it is clearly stated that leave of absence and retirement are different. We also explained it beforehand… You heard the explanation, then you still left the company, correct?” (Sei)


“Well, yes. When Mr. Sei asked me why I wanted to quit, he asked for my reason. I told him about expecting a child, and the need to take care of the newborn. Then Mr. Sei asked me about what I would do after taking care of the baby. I told him that I would look for a new job. Right after I said that, Mr. Sei proposed that I take a leave of absence instead of leaving the company for good. To be honest, it is a very time-consuming hassle to find a new job, and I am very thankful to Mr. Sei for offering me the option to return after leaving for a short period of time.” (Waitress)


The audience gasped in shock and surprise.


The leave of absence system was a new one, implemented solely by our company. The reactions from the audience made sense; it was only natural. It took a quite long time to introduce and implement.


“Truly? Astounding!! I also want to work here! We can’t get by only with our husbands’ salaries, and considering the child on its own matter is difficult to say…” (Audience)


“Certainly. I’ll put it in layman’s terms: basically, I have to quit my job whenever I give birth to a child; however, in this company, after giving birth, I could go back and work the same way I did before. It’s a shame that this company is the only one employing that system!” (Audience)


The female customers thought the same, agreeing in their minds. No doubt, it was difficult for women to work under such harsh conditions.

Although working women in Japan face the same issues about gender equality, it is more severe here because of the lack of women’s rights.


It would be nice if there were families to depend on near here, but most of the kingdom’s people have many family members. On top of that, there’s no place that can babysit children.

In any case, it may be good to make a facility like a nursery for working women.


The waitress commented,

“Thank you. In other words, what Damme is saying is an accusation and slander towards our company.” (Waitress)


Sei thanked the waitress and only then it seemed that the cold atmosphere that he had exuded had at last ended.



“After leaving the company, you became independent. However, I never intended to restrict your freedom, even if you joined a separate company. That is, until you caused a ruckus at this store. Now, you are…” (Sei)


Sei turned to face Damme again, but his eyes were cold enough to pierce her heart. Damme trembled in the face of Sei’s glare.


“This circumstance will never happen again. This time, I will stop the guards from killing you. But if such an incident happens again, I will use different methods.” (Sei)


Sei whispered to Damme with a bone-chilling voice. Damme knew that if an incident like this were to happen again, he would be dead immediately.


He smiled as Damme trembled wildly before him.


“Oh, a local guard came. Dida, hand him over to them.” (Sei)


“… Is that really okay?” (Dida)


“Yes.” (Sei)


Sei nodded as Dida handed Damme over to the guard. He didn’t resist or even struggle, instead looking at Sei with dim, lifeless eyes.


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