DD Chapter 81 Part 1

Chapter 81 – Sei’s Conviction IV (Part 1)

[Iris’ POV]

Translator: ConformChild [Moon Bunny Cafe]

Editors: Misaki [Novels&Chill], Matty [Yado Inn]

“… So you say, but a woman who left the company around the same time as I got re-employed. In fact, she’s right there!” (Damme)


Damme pointed at a woman dressed as a waitress by the cash register, to which she trembled in response.


Just as I was about to appear before and retort to Damme, my promise with Ryle came to mind and kept me in check.


Sei walked to shield the girl from view, and then he spoke out, “… She was on maternity leave. Since she filed for it, I was made aware of the circumstances and gave her express permission to come back. It is a wholly different matter from yours; so then, why did you inquire about her?”


“…. Well, humph. I didn’t know if it was for maternity leave or whatever, but there are a ton of women in this firm who only serve to stock items or work at the register. And although that woman was able to return, I for some reason cannot. This company is clearly prone to favoritism.. or do you believe that to be unfounded? How about you and that woman over there?” (Damme)


I had to suppress the festering urge to respond to his outrageous claim with every fiber of my being.


My body trembled in anger as I tried to, once more, arrest my urge to retort.


The pits of my stomach lit up with passion, hungry to correct his statement.


This was an insult to the company; it was an insult to Sei; it was an insult that spurned all working women.


Ah, for what reason did this man provoke me? It might be the time to exercise the state power of a duke’s daughter, similar to the time in the Academy.


To hold my tongue.. would be impossible. However, as soon as I opened my mouth to let my feelings erupt from it, a harsh voice rung throughout the room.


“… Do not make light of a woman’s capabilities. Listening to your nonsensical gibberish is nauseating. “(Dida)


Dida and Sei cast a sharp glare at Damme. Dida strengthened his grip upon Damme, whose face now distorted in pain.


“Carrying merchandise, accounting… Well, they do certainly seem like monotonous jobs. But it is because of that very same work that the shop manages to function well. From my standpoint, the work you were doing and work she is doing are of equal importance. The job hierarchy isn’t everything. Either way, she is an important member of our workforce, able to do her job with efficiency, competency, and proficiency.” (Sei)


“Ow, ow, ow, ow! It hurts!!” (Damme)


Damme was more focused on the pain than Sei’s insight.


“Oops, my bad. When Damme’s denouncement of women reached my ears, I flew into an unsightly state of rage.” (Dida)


Dida’s apology was not directed at Damme, but rather, at Sei for interrupting him. Sei received Dida’s apology with a bitter smile.


Sei received Dida’s apology with a bitter smile.


“Upon retirement, you receive your pension and a bonus; but leave the company for good. That is different from a leave as the person in question is bound to come back after their period of absence is over.” (Sei)


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