DD Chapter 79 Part 2

Chapter 79 – The Conviction of Sei (Part 2)

[Iris’ POV]

Translators: ShimizuA [Yado Inn]

Editors: Matty [Yado Inn]

Without hesitation, Ryle and Dida rushed to shield me with their bodies.


My body was caught in between a wall and Ryle.


The Manager immediately left for the front of the store.


“Dida,” I called out to him, “We’ll be fine so go after the Manager and assess the situation.” (Iris)


Dida frowned upon hearing my words.


“Princess, my duty is to your safety, you know?” (Dida)


He said that with a grave tone.


“But you also need to ascertain the danger, right?” (Iris)


Dida sighed. I wasn’t sure if it was due to him succumbing to my suggestion, or whether he genuinely agreed that surveying a situation first is a must.


“…. Argh. I understand. Ryle, I leave the Princess in your care.” (Dida)


“Of course.” (Ryle)


And then Dida ran to the store front as well.


The next to move was Ryle. He already had a firm grasp of the building’s structure from his past countless inspections.


“This way.” (Ryle)


He guided us to the office, which doubled as a reception room.


There are numerous desks lined up as a workspace. And at one end of the room was a reception desk lined up with chairs, divided up by a partitioning screen.


I sat on one of those chairs.


At that moment, a man who looked to be an employee came inside and knocked on the door side.


“ …… E, excuse me. Is Mister Sei here?” (Employee)


Ryle, whose name was called, rose from his seating and walked in front of him.


“Yes. Is there something wrong?” (Ryle)


“Mister Dida has apprehended the culprit who was causing the commotion and told me that he wanted to meet with Mister Sei urgently.. “


Ha~ I sighed in relief after hearing those words. If it’s Dida, he would have no problem detaining the culprit.

….. Even so, for what reason did Dida call for Ryle?


“Me, is it…? Are you sure that is for whom he called?” (Ryle)


Ryle asked back for affirmation. It seems he had the same inquiry in mind as I.


“Y,yes… Mister Dida said we should talk about this matter in the store rather than behind closed doors; the culprit keeps shouting, ‘Bring out the boss of this place!’. (Employee)


“Understood. In that case, we shall go.” (Iris)


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  1. Mariana says:

    I kinda got confused in this chapter… cos Ryle an Sei are diferent people, right? And also Mimoza is a “she” not a “he”

  2. Reese says:

    Sei was Iris’ butler/footman in the fief but Ryle is her personal bodyguard. Mimosa was Iris’ friend during her academy days so I’m a little confused by everything. . .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pretty poor translation

  4. The character situation gets worse when you add in the chapter title & that Sei runs the conglomerate for Iris now.

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