DD Chapter 77 Part 2

Chapter 77 – Sister’s Strategy IV (Part 2)

[Rudy’s POV]

Translators: ShimizuA [Yado Inn]

Editors: Matty, Suya, Boomer [Yado Inn]

The Royal Family had few direct descendants. They were Prince Alfred, Prince Edward, and Princess Leticia.


Currently, Prince Alfred and Prince Edward were vying for the throne. To ensure Prince Edward was crowned king, his faction dragged many nobles into the dispute. Should Edward’s faction lose, at best, they would be imprisoned for life, and at worst, they would be sentenced to death.



Hypothetically speaking…and by no means do I envision this ever occurring…should Prince Alfred lose, there was a nine in ten chance that the cold face of death would greet him. It was very unlikely that Elliya would stop at punishment as light as imprisonment. Therefore, Prince Alfred was also fighting an uphill battle…



Back to the topic at hand.



The winner will remain in power, whereas the loser will be expelled from the Royal Family. Hypothetically speaking, if Princess Letty were married and with a child before Prince Alfred claims the throne, then only Prince Alfred and her child would be in line for the throne.


In this situation, the one married to Princess Letty would certainly think this:


If “something” were to happen to Prince Alfred, my house would give rise to the new Royal Family.


… In other words, that would spark a civil war.



Yes, they want to stop the Queen Dowager [1] from supporting Prince Alfred at all costs.



“Didn’t Elder Brother discourage me from entering any political marriages that could have benefited his faction to keep me out of Elliya’s sights? He made everyone believe I had a weak constitution in order to keep me out of the limelight… Really, Brother has done nothing but protect me, hasn’t he?” [Leticia]


“ … It is proof of how much he dotes upon you, Princess Letty.” [Ludy]



“ … Fufufu. You’re right … In that case, I wonder if my marriage could decide Elder Brother’s victory? Aah … if Alfred were to be defeated, that damn Brother could marry me into a foreign country for personal gain.”  [Leticia]



… Hearing Princess Letty utter the word “marriage” pained my heart a little.



But it was only for a moment; perhaps it was just a fleeting emotion… and so I refocused on my conversation with Princess Letty.



“ … The possibility makes me anxious, and I’ve grown quite lonely without you and Elder Brother in the castle. As I thought, the past was the most enjoyable time.” [Leticia]



Princess Letty showed a melancholic smile after she said that. Drawn in by that smile, my face became serious as I felt a renewed dedication to the lonely siblings.


“… Ludy, we must win. For Brother, for the Daughter of Duke Armelia, and for my own sake.” [Leticia]



“That’s right.” [Ludy]



“For the moment, we need a countermeasure to address the Armelia Fief’s trade disturbance. Since it concerns Elder Brother, have you done anything about it yet?” [Leticia]


“Eeh, well……” [Ludy]


“I will do my part to help in any way that I can.” [Leticia]


Princess Letty ended the conversation with a smile.


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