DD Volume Chapter 77 Part 1

Chapter 77 – Sister’s Strategy IV (Part 1)

[Ludy’s POV]

Translators: ConformChild [Moon Bunny Cafe]

Editors: Matty, Suya, Boomer [Yado Inn]

Princess Leticia quietly stood up and turned her back to me while walking towards the window.


She contemplated her future, casting her gaze out the window and taking in the vast, expansive scenery.


“… Do you remember when we first met, Ludy?” [Leticia]


“Of course. When I first met you, I had been brought to the castle by Alfred and you were hiding behind him the entire time, trying to conceal your face because you were too shy.”  [Ludy]


“… Ah, such an embarrassing thing to do.”  [Leticia]


Letty agreed somewhat bashfully, and I smiled while recalling these nostalgic memories.


“It was quite fun. I was very happy at the time. You often played in the garden behind the castle, right? When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to step foot outside of the castle. The castle was already heavy with tension, and I could never visit the Royal Palace either. You enjoy keeping my Elder Brother company, am I right? … Grandmother, Elder Brother, and you are the world to me.” [Leticia]


“… Letty…”  [Ludy]


“Ludy, please don’t make that face. I’m very happy, you know. Certainly, I don’t know what it’s like to mingle within a group or what kind of environment a school may have, and I don’t know about the matters people of the same generation talk about … but I can understand what lies beyond all that superficiality.” [Leticia]


Ever since she was young, she could never partake in life outside of her cage… Indeed, she lives in a situation wherein her life is similar to that of a caged bird. Her caged life helped her understand the current political battlefield and the feud with Elliya for the throne.


“Somehow, my grandmother doesn’t understand my desire to visit the outside world. Thankfully, Elder Brother doesn’t see me as a pawn to be used in a limited life.” [Leticia]


Speaking of how she’s been trapped, without a doubt, Leticia could have been forced to marry a lord for the sake of pulling his house to Alfred’s side.


“Additionally, it is impossible for Elder Brother to marry anyone under these circumstances.” [Leticia]


“Well, about the marriage of “that Onii-Sama” and the low-born woman, it may spell trouble for them if a child is born with a weakened bloodline.” [Leticia]


It is as Leticia says. For that very reason, Alfred is suppressing Edward’s influence.


“What if the Baron’s daughter bears children by the time Prince Alfred removes Prince Edward from the Royal Family?”


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