CBGC – Chapter 29 Part 2

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Chapter 29.2: Victory Claimed Through Steps

Liu Feizhou had become Dan Fengyang’s star disciple so for the following period of time, he’ll be entering seclusion to refine that first rank Incense Wood Flame. Once he finished absorbing the pill flame, he’ll be going into seclusion with Dan Fengyang to practice refining pills. That is to say, he won’t be appearing again for a very long time.

Su Tingyun had completed her task perfectly so she didn’t have to die. However, she couldn’t feel happy at all. No matter what, she had to continue enduring the rest of the days.

Liu Feizhou felt that Su Tingyun’s performance this time was not bad. So, before he went into seclusion, he gave Su Tingyun some records of the insights he had discovered while refining pills. As for how much she could comprehend, that depended on her own fortune.

Right as he was about to leave, he thought a little, then threw one of the spirit stones he won from this bet to Su Tingyun. “Take it and get a change of clothes, then buy some artifacts for protection. Go to the Ten Thousand Treasures House of Wuliang Sect to buy them. Although there are rather convenient free street markets, you’ll definitely be ripped off like an idiot if you go to them. So you had better go to the Ten Thousand Treasures House.”

It was a beautiful piece of high-grade spirit stone, yet Liu Feizhou had casually thrown it on top of Su Tingyun’s shoes. That spirit stone was hard like a diamond and crushed her toes painfully.

However, Su Tingyun didn’t complain at all this time. This was a high-grade spirit stone ah. Put in terms of her original world, it was equivalent to a nouveau riche casually rewarding her a million dollars. There was no reason for her to hold a grudge against a spirit stone, right?

Liu Feizhou’s mouth slightly curled when he saw Su Tingyun gleefully pick the spirit stone up. There’s no way he’s concerned about whether this old woman would survive while he’s in seclusion.

If her aptitude was a little better, he could have protected her a little. However, what a pity ah. Her cultivation was limited. What did it matter if the medicinal plants she grew had high spiritual energy? In the end, third rank medicinal plants were all that she was capable of growing. He actually wasted a high grade spirit stone on a useless person? Liu Feizhou seriously didn’t know what he was thinking. His eyes blinked a couple times. He rubbed his eyes but his eyelashes still wouldn’t stop fluttering. This made Liu Feizhou extremely displeased and he gave a cold humph. T/N

Since he couldn’t think it through, then he should just stop thinking about it.

After Liu Feizhou left, Su Tingyun looked at the empty room and gave a dejected sigh. The blooming smile that was on her face earlier vanished.

She still remembered the look in Gu Hao’s eyes when he was forced to draw the pill flame out of his body. That expression was as if he wanted to devour someone alive, and not only did he glare at Liu Feizhou, he even stared at her. He clearly itched to skin her alive and tear her limb from limb. Even now, the light that had spilled out from those eyes made Su Tingyun’s heart palpitate with fear.

Liu Feizhou and Dan Fengyang had gone into seclusion so now, Gu Hao and the others ruled this inner courtyard. As for her, she had already thoroughly offended Gu Hao.

Gu Hao was currently unable to do anything to Liu Feizhou so he’ll definitely vent his anger by starting with her. Wasn’t that toad spirit’s specialty poison? All he had to do was mix up a little poison and secretly use it on her. Then, she’ll probably by dust by the time Liu Feizhou came out from seclusion.

Su Tingyun wasn’t dumb. It wasn’t that this hadn’t occurred to her, but what did it matter if it had? Liu Feizhou would never help her. This high-grade spirit stone was her only remuneration for risking her life.

So what to do now? If she stayed here, she would die. Not only that, she would die very tragically. Being covered with ulcers on her head and festering boils on her feet would definitely count as light compared with what Gu Hao had in store for her.

Su Tingyun sighed, then packed lightly before sneakily returning to the valley of Heaven Jade Pavilion. Su Tingyun didn’t stop in the valley but continued to walk outwards, heading towards Heaven Firmament Peak based on her memory. She planned to test her cards against the putative husband.

What exactly was he thinking? Did he want revenge or was it something else?

If he wanted revenge, then he should just do things more straightforwardly and quickly! It was seriously tiring to live each day frightened for her life.

If it wasn’t for revenge, then he should just make things easy. Just let her stay in Heaven Firmament Peak for a full nine years, then send her back once the time was up. She could just treat it as having participated in a luxurious, nine-year tour of the cultivation world.

In reality, Su Tingyun was still certain that the putative husband wasn’t after her life. If he really wanted to torment her, there were definitely hundreds of thousands of different ways. She had suspected Su Lijiang of being involved in the incident with Old Wax Head earlier when anger had rushed to her head. However, after Liu Feizhou uncovered the person who pulled the strings, she had thought about it calmly and also felt that it was unrelated to Su Lijiang.

Now that Liu Feizhou had gone into seclusion, she no longer had anyone to rely on. Not to mention, she had offended Gu Hao. Thus, the only possible way to survive available to her was to try her luck with Su Lijiang.

The old lady had exposed her face during the pill refining competition so everyone remembered her and knew she served Liu Feizhou. Hence, although she encountered several disciples on her way, no one bothered her. It lasted all the way until she arrived at the main hall. Chu Ling, whose entire body emitted demonic charm, suddenly blocked her way.

“Madam Wei is now a trusted aid of Master Liu. Why did Madam Wei come all the way here instead of staying properly by Master Liu’s side?” This time, Chu Ling’s tone no longer carried its past gentleness. From the start, she didn’t like Wei Yun. However, she didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking before grasping Spiritual Master’s intentions. Now that Chu Yuerong had poked her head out first, Chu Ling learned that Wei Yun was currently untouchable.

Chu Yuerong had done nothing but scheme against Wei Yun a little. Yet, Spiritual Master. who has always been mild tempered, actually ordered for Chu Yuerong to be thrown down Forbidden Heaven Precipice.

Death was the only road left for people that went there. Not even a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator can make it out of Forbidden Heaven Precipice alive. Chu Yuerong has definitely been devoured by those ferocious spirit beasts by now. Although Chu Ling knew she should be a bit more polite to Wei Yun, she couldn’t help but feel sullen upon seeing Wei Yun’s old face. She felt sorry for herself, and she felt sorry for Spiritual Master.

Although Spiritual Master didn’t wish for her to die, he obviously didn’t want to see her either. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have thrown her into the valley of Heaven Jade Pavilion and stopped paying attention to her. His intention is probably that ‘what remains unseen is deemed to be clean’. After all, even after Wei Yun experienced that incident, Spiritual Master didn’t send for Wei Yun to return. Since that was the case, why did this old lady still rush over so insensitively?

She didn’t want this old lady to go bother Spiritual Master so her tone wasn’t very polite. She planned to directly drive the old lady out. However, Chu Ling was unaware that Su Tingyun had come here with the conviction to sacrifice her old face. Return? If she returned, the only road available to her would be death. However, staying by Su Lijiang’s side meant that she may have a chance of survival.

Only Chu Ling was around right now. Su Tingyun straightened her back and put her hands into her broad cyan sleeves. Her gaze was bright without weakness as she stared straight at Chu Ling and she gave off a rather mysterious profound aura. Su Tingyun had been a wealthy esteemed mother whose commands accepted no objections for a time so she had plenty of imposing aura. Although Chu Ling’s cultivation was higher than hers, in the end, she was still only a maid.

Su Tingyun’s tough and stocky build was pretty intimidating in itself. In addition, her spiritual consciousness was stronger than that of most people so Chu Ling felt a strange feeling emerge in her heart from being stared at by Su Tingyun. The old lady in front of her was actually causing her to feel a trace of pressure. Chu Ling’s brows slightly knitted and she unconsciously took a small step back.

When Su Tingyun saw this, she narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “This old one is here to find my husband.”

Her eyes were small so when she narrowed them, her eyes practically disappeared. Yet her pupils contained unusual brightness, causing her eyes to look extremely intimidating.

Chu Ling’s facial color changed and she immediately exerted mental pressure in order to prevent the old lady from saying anymore shocking words. Su Tingyun was hit by that pressure and immediately felt as if there was a large mountain dropped on top of her. However, the current situation was desperate. If she didn’t obtain Su Lijiang’s protection, how could she possibly dodge Gu Hao’s demonic clutch? Thus, Su Tingyun reached into her dantian and drew out all the imposing power she could.

Enduring that pressure, Su Tingyun slowly took a step forward. Due to the fact that she stepped out heavily, the floor seemed to quake when her foot landed and Chu Ling’s heart also shook with it.

How is it possible? She was a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. Old Madam Wei was only at the first stage of Spirit Condensation, yet she was actually able to resist her spiritual pressure!? Could it be that Wei Yun possesses some high-level artifact? One that Spiritual Master bestowed? When Chu Ling’s thoughts got to here, her eyelids jumped and she said softly, “Madam Wei, it’s best if some things are not casually spoken about.”

“I want to see Spiritual Master Lingwu.” Before, Su Tingyun wasn’t speaking very loudly. However, now, she magnified her voice and the roar that came out was also quite imposing. The loud roar combined with the fact that her full attention was firmly locked onto Chu Ling caused Chu Ling’s mind to be shaken. Chu Ling staggered back a step and traces of blood appeared at the corners of her lips.

Chu Ling was at Foundation Establishment Stage. Though her cultivation aptitude was ranked in the upper middle, she was only a maid. Since she didn’t guard with her primordial spirit, she ended up being shaken by Su Tingyun.

Su Tingyun was a little shocked by this as well. However, naturally, she kept the surprise off her face and simply continued to act domineering.

However, Su Tingyun immediately became a little terrified when Spiritual Master Lingwu actually came out from the main hall.

She disapproved of what Wei Yun did even more after experiencing that incident with Old Wax Head. However, Su Tingyun more or less felt what Wei Yun felt back then. During those troubled times, Wei Yun had never seen such a good-looking man before. Not even the boorish men in the village took fancy to her so this man that was like a celestial definitely wouldn’t love her. However, since she had managed to encounter him, how could she accept that? How could she be willing to let go? So much as well just rape him. And getting pregnant was a must. Having once possessed him, her life would have become meaningful.

You are someone I risked death to save so you belong to me.

You don’t love me? That’s fine. I love you, I’ll just bind you to my side.

This was Wei Yun.

In reality, Su Tingyun felt that Spiritual Master Lingwu was quite pitiful after she found out everything that Wei Yun had done. The way he felt was probably the same as how she felt when Old Wax Head tried to rape her. Both sides had used medicine, so this was also a connecting similarity. Hence, Su Tingyun felt that Spiritual Master Lingwu’s choice to avoid a problem by walking away from it and not taking Wei Yun’s life was already extremely benevolent. As for that later incident, though she didn’t outright splash dirty water on Spiritual Master Lingwu and accuse him of staging the incident, she did think about it. This fact caused her to have even more of a guilty conscience.

It was just that if he had let it go, why did he summon Wei Yun again? Could it be that in the past, since he couldn’t beat her, he had suffered in silence for fifty years and now he was planning on exacting revenge!?

However, if he hadn’t let it go, why did he summon her, then just leave her alone instead of getting revenge right away? Or was it that he wanted to slowly torment her? It must be known that leaving Wei Yun alone in this cultivation world where the strong are relied on and the weak are maltreated was pretty much picking up the knife that was already hanging around her neck.

For some unknown reason, Su Tingyun felt that it probably wasn’t for revenge. If he really wanted to torment Wei Yun, there were more a hundred thousand ways to make her life worse than death.

Currently, Su Tingyun looked at the man who was slowly walking over, bathed in sunlight, with clear and handsome features like those of a celestial banished from heaven. She suddenly felt her heart ache a little. It was probably because she had experienced the same misfortune so she sympathized. It was just that since she had already transmigrated into Wei Yun’s body and since she had already gotten this far, she had no other choice either.

She was occupying Wei Yun’s body so she had to assume responsibility for Wei Yun’s past wrongs. Not to mention, if she wasn’t Wei Yun and Spiritual Master Lingwu didn’t owe her, she – Su Tingyun, this primordial spirit – was even less likely to survive. At this present day and moment, Su Tingyun already understood this cultivation world.

She now knew how savage it was.

So what if it was a stranger whom you harbor no grudges or hatred towards? If they wanted to kill you, all they needed to do was move a finger. Not to mention, they weren’t strangers. She was the one that took over the body of his benefactor, his wife.

If that hated person was already dead – all troubles are solved with death – then what remains should only be gratitude.

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